Simple wedding hairstyles


Simple and elegant wedding hairstyles are gaining in popularity. Light long curls for a wedding in a rustic style, neat curls, «babette» in retro style, unusual braids and weaving - the choice is yours. A minimum of improvised means, a little time - and a stylish styling for the wedding is ready. Note that you did not spend a penny of money in the cabin, having acquired in return a chic look, vast experience and the desired result. How to do your own styling? Let's try to figure it out together.

Options for Simple Long Hairstyles

If you are a happy owner of a chic long head of hair - congratulations! The richest choice of wedding styling (simple, complex), made by yourself, is provided to you. So, what styling for a special occasion can be done:

Simple do-it-yourself curls for a wedding

  • Light, airy curls. Hollywood stars, celebrities choose the natural beauty of loose hair. Stacked on one side, pinned by delicious hairpins with rhinestones, gathered on the back with a graceful scallop - these simple hairstyles emphasize the natural beauty of the bride and groom, giving romance and tenderness to the image.

Wedding Hairstyle Straight Hair

  • Shiny, well-groomed hair without «special effects». Owners of thick hair can choose a simple hairstyle without additional tricks. The glossy shine of blue-black hair in combination with a snow-white dress and a bridal veil will create a unique contrast, attracting everyone's attention with grace and simplicity.

Easy styling - ponytail for a wedding

  • Horse tail decorated with luxurious hairpins. Tightly gathered high at the crown of the bride’s hair with an elastic band will open to the beloved’s eyes a graceful nape line, visually lengthen the shape of the face, making a favorable emphasis on the cheekbone line. With or without bangs, this bridal styling accentuates the bride’s elegance and good taste..

A free bunch for the bride

  • Loose bunch with released strands. Wedding fashion dictates the trends of simplicity and lightness: locks selected in a deliberately disheveled bunch; curls released around the face, behind the ear.

Simple hairstyle for bride’s curly hair

  • Curls selected in the form of a beam or stabbed with the help of invisibility. Stacked curls of the bride look incredibly stylish and elegant. The ease of creation, the ability to use a variety of accessories - tiaras, hoops, hairpins - make the latter leaders in the choice of brides.

Easy wedding styling - retro

  • Retro hairstyles for the wedding: babette, a classic bunch. The fashion for minimalism and simplicity of the 50-60s of the last century revived the whole direction of wedding hairstyles. The perfect combination with elegant dresses flowing through the body, discreet, but very expensive accessories, will emphasize the aristocracy of the newlywed and her «tall» taste.

How to style your hair for a wedding with braids

  • Unusual weaving and braids. The last few seasons simple, complex, insanely complex wedding braids - at the peak of popularity. It is rare that a newlywed does without them. Loose and tight; French, Dutch, ordinary Russians; reverse and multi-strand - braids add zest, decorate the bride.

Simple wedding styling in different styles

Most of the fair sex makes a choice in favor of wedding hairstyles that combine simple elements - braids, curls, bunches. Made by hand, these hairstyles are unique and elegant. For example, a free Christmas tree braid made using the technique «fish tail» on the ponytail of the bride, will add variety, emphasizing the charm and laconicism of the image of a young beauty.

Greek scythe

A simple Greek braid symbolizes luxury and wealth. Obliged by its origin to the beauties of ancient Greece, she gives the girl the image of an ancient goddess. The peculiarity of this simple hairstyle is that it begins to be braided along the edge of the hair. Do-it-yourself wedding styling with a scythe is not difficult. You will need: a latch, a fixing varnish, a comb with a separator of strands, hairpins, elastic bands to fix the braids, hair clips.

Styling for the bride with a Greek scythe

To make such a styling with your own hands, use our step-by-step instruction:

  1. Comb the washed, dried hair with a comb. To make it easier to work with them, treat with fixing fluid. It is sold in specialized stores..
  2. Depending on the desired result, make a simple straight parting or fashionable braid.
  3. Take a lock of hair, divide it into 3 parts. Start braiding an ordinary three-strand braid.
  4. Add another strand of the total mass of hair to the weave. Repeat «maneuver» on the other hand. Use your chosen weaving technique to the right place - for example, to the ear.
  5. Fix the tip of the resulting braid with an elastic band. An elegant bundle wrapped in a Greek braid and decorated with a luxurious wedding hairpin with rhinestones will look stylish and simple..

If you like a wedding braid-wreath, use the basic weaving technique until the braid lies in the shape of a wreath. Hide the tip of the hair secured with an elastic band into the weave. Secure with studs or invisible. The finished wedding braid-crown can be decorated with fresh flowers, ribbons or a handmade accessory - bendy. It is a flat, easily bendable wire decorated with fabric, fur or feathers..

Curled strands

Long exquisite curls will decorate the wedding hairstyle, emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the bride. Large, freely lying strands of curly hair look delightful in a simple hairstyle, decorated with a wreath of fresh flowers, a luxurious graceful hairpin or tiara of the princess. Curls slightly collected on the back of the head give ephemerality and fragility to the image of the bride.

How to simply lay your curls in a wedding hairstyle

To make your own elegant curls in a simple wedding styling, you need curlers, a comb with a separator of strands and a strong hold varnish. If you want a long lasting result, leave the curlers overnight. Remove them in the morning, fix uncombed hair with a varnish. Then scallop along them, separating the strands. Your hairstyle is ready!

A bundle of two braids

Simple wedding hairstyles with braids

French, Greek, Dutch braid, braided on both sides of the parting, will delightfully and gently look if you lay its free ends in an elegant bundle. Easy weaving, deliberate disheveledness and simplicity of the image, airy locks, as if by chance falling out of the hairstyle under a light breeze, will give a chic and stylish look to the wedding hairstyle.

Simple wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

When choosing the style of a wedding hairstyle, consider the style and model of the dress. Do not forget about the theme of the wedding. Agree, a tight bunch in retro style will look funny with a lush newlywed dress for the ceremony a la «Princess». Neat curls, decorated with a diadem with a veil, will suit such a dress - this will create a harmonious image of the newlywed.

The simpler and more concise the wedding outfit is, the more elegant the styling should be chosen: hair tightly laid in a bun, picked up with a roller strand. For vintage dresses, boldly choose wedding hairstyles «babette», beam-«bagel». Loose hair, raised on the back of the head using a pile, decorated with a snow-white ribbon bow, looks harmonious.

Bohemian scythe to one side

Simple bohemian braid for the bride

Want to do an aerial wedding styling with a braid? Everything is very simple: choose an unusual weaving, braid a non-tight braid on one side. Fasten the ends with a rubber band. Then fluff the hair in a weave so as to give them extra volume. Release individual strands by curling slightly with a curling iron. The chic image of a representative of bohemia in this simple hairstyle for a wedding is guaranteed.

Wedding hairstyle babette

Simple bridal styling: babette

Exquisite wedding babette will decorate the young bride. Using a roller, a chignon, or simply combing part of the hair on the back of your head, you can create your own elegant hairstyle. Decorative jewelry, hoops with precious stones, bandages, elegant tiaras will help create a bright accent. Modern options for this styling give you a run of your imagination:

  • beautifully framed by braids;
  • with curls released on the back of the head;
  • with a simple bundle laid out in neat waves.

Retro paint roller

Fashion for retro-style hairstyles swept all the catwalks of the world. Wedding stylists-hairdressers offer the newlyweds to create a unique, stylish and modern styling, using elements of hairstyles popular in the distant 60s of the 20th century. A special hairdresser roller that can be easily attached to the hair helps to add volume by raising a pile of hair in the area of ​​the crown or neck.

Simple hairstyles with a roller for a wedding

To create a simple hairstyle for a wedding in the form of a ponytail will not be difficult for most brides. To make it more magnificent, use the same roller, sprinkling hair with a retainer and laying in the waves traditional for that era. Unusual will be a combination of retro style with bohemian pigtails, which will allow you to choose such a hairstyle for a different style of wedding dresses.

Simple hairstyles for short hair

To emphasize the grace of the lines, the grace of the bride will help wedding simple hairstyles for short hair. Delicate curls decorated with a diadem; short haircut «under the boy», decorated bendy with a snow-white feather; or spectacular waves in today's fashionable style «wet hair» add zest, charm to the tender image of the bride and groom. Wedding veil with a tiara will add completeness, conciseness.

Retro waves

A simple hairstyle for the bride in a cabaret style

Beautifully laid curls, carefully fixed with hairspray, will plunge into the magical atmosphere of the 30s of the last century: chic women, expensive cars, brilliant life, light jazz music. How to make retro waves? Curl your hair in curlers. Dissolve them, laying out elegant curls. Fix each with invisibles, fixing with varnish.

Classic hairstyle shell

How to make a simple wedding styling shell

The sophistication and simplicity of a classic shell makes it a favorite among wedding simple hairstyles. Laconic lines, inexplicable grace of this styling emphasize the stylish taste of its owner. If you divide the hair into separate strands, styling one after another in the hairstyle, the shell will acquire delightful layering details. A pearl comb, hairpins with rhinestones, a small precious diadem accentuate the bride’s exquisite beauty.

Wet hair styling

Simple wedding styling with the effect of wet hair

Not more than two decades ago, at the peak of popularity were styling with the effect of wet hair - small curls or curls, smeared with gel, mousse. The current fashion offers brides wedding hairstyles that use a similar technique. Gels with a flickering effect will help you to separate individual strands with your own hands, stacking with elegant curls, waves or emphasizing an unusual color.

Video: how to make a simple hairstyle for a wedding do it yourself

So, do you prefer hand-made wedding styling? Check out the harmonious combination of every detail of the bride’s appearance: the dress, styling, shoes and other accessories should be designed in the same style. Prepare the necessary «tools» - curlers, comb and hair spray. Use soft curlers, because your pretty head will spend a whole night on them to consolidate the future result. The next morning «free» hair. How then to lay and fix curls in a simple elegant hairstyle for a wedding? Watch our video with detailed instructions.

Photo of simple wedding hairstyles

The variety of bridal simple bridal hairstyles offers tremendous choices. After looking at the photos presented below, you can decide on the styling option. Do not forget to take into account the features of the shape of the face, the thickness and length of the hair, your own hairdressing abilities. Do not forget about the theme of the wedding celebration and the features of the outfit.

Photos of wedding simple hairstyles