Wedding hairstyles with curls


In the wedding image of the bride, everything should be perfect: from the hair to the tips of the nails. Thinking outfit, shoes, accessories, you need to choose the right hair styling for them, which will perfectly complement the image, fit into its general concept. The vast majority of brides want to look romantic and tender at their wedding. Wedding hairstyles with beautiful curls can help them in this. These types of styling give room for the imagination of the bride and her stylist, because curls are perfect for both long and short and medium hair.

Options hairstyles with curls for long hair

Owners of long hair prefer hairstyles with curls due to the fact that they look feminine and cute. But when creating an image, one should take into account not only the length of the strands, but also the condition of the hair. For those women whose hair is naturally lush, thick, stylists recommend abandoning a wedding hairstyle with curls in favor of classically styled hair in a restrained style. Otherwise, your hair runs the risk of looking excessively voluminous and lush. Ladies with a round face shape, lush curls will give an overload to the image, and their face will visually appear even larger.

Options for wedding styling with curls

Greek style hairstyle

The Greek style in wedding fashion has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row. Straight-cut dresses, complemented by a romantic hairstyle with curls, will look stylish. Greek hairstyles with curls complement satin ribbons, openwork laces, plaits, tying them around the head. An elegant decoration for such wedding styling is an elegant bezel, scallop or wreath woven from fresh miniature flowers..

A characteristic feature of hairstyles in the style of the Greek goddess Aphrodite is large curls falling on her shoulders. Traditionally, when creating an image, a stylist winds locks on a curling iron, and then collects them together and lifts them to the back of the head, where he pins with inlaid hairpins, invisible hairpins and hairpins. Piling with weaving elements looks no less beautiful. It is advisable to use a free braid weaving technique, combined with strands collected on the back of the head and curls flowing along the back.

Greek wedding hairstyles with curls

Side curls

Fashionable styling with curls on the side is chosen by romantically tuned natures. The image with such a hairstyle comes out especially feminine, touching. Side curls are perfect for a wedding dress of any cut and style. To lay your curls on your side, you don’t need to use the services of expensive stylists, each bride can make such a wedding hairstyle on her own at home.

Comb with small cloves comb your strands, then make a side part so that on one side of the hair was much more than on the other. Apply mousse or spray, and then rotate each strand with a cone-shaped curling iron alternately. Fix the curls with varnish for strong fixation. If you want to give the image additional volume, do a pile. Such a romantic wedding styling looks self-sufficient and does not require special decorations, accessories.

Wedding hairstyle: curls on the side

Punctured voluminous curls behind

Are you planning an active wedding with an on-site ceremony, horseback riding, and swinging? Then you should choose styling options in which the curls are collected at the back and securely fixed. These types of hairstyles will not be destroyed throughout the solemn day, you will shine throughout the wedding. The strands are wound with large or small curls, and then collected on the back of the head, where they are fixed with pins, invisible. The hairstyle should be complemented with an exquisite diadem and veil, which is attached from the bottom of the head, closer to the neck.

Volumetric curls at the back for wedding styling

Wedding hairstyles with curls for medium hair

The bride’s hairstyle should correspond to the style of the wedding, approach dressing, make-up and give the image of mystery, charm. It is not necessary to have long hair in order to create a beautiful hair style. For girls with medium hair length, there are a lot of unusual wedding hairstyles that will help emphasize the festivity of the image, make it impeccable.

Cascading waterfall

A cascading waterfall is a type of hairstyle with a braid made using the French weaving technique. The peculiarity of this image is that when braiding, part of the strands remain released, which creates the impression of flowing hair, like the flows of a waterfall. The most harmonious cascading waterfall looks in combination with voluminous curls.

Ladies who do not have curls by nature will first have to curl locks on curlers or curling irons. But when twisting the hair, try to grab large locks so that the resulting curls are soft, airy. A classic cascading waterfall is a braided braid from one temple to another. But there are other hairstyle options. For example, weaving is performed along an oblique line down, from one temple to the side of the opposite shoulder. Double waterfall looks elegant and stylish, this is when two identical braids are woven from temple to temple, and then fasten them to the back of the head.

Wedding hairstyle cascading waterfall

Drapery Curls

The combination of curls and velvet is a favorite solution for special occasions in many women. Bouffant makes the hairstyle voluminous and lush, and curls give the image of playfulness, romance. The created volume in the front of the head (on the crown) smoothly passes into the beautifully designed ringlets on the back. The combed hair is lifted in front, fixed with varnish or wax, then combed back and fixed with invisibility. Such an image opens the face well, focusing on it, so the selected makeup should be impeccable.

Thanks to the bridal hairstyle with bouffant and curls, it will be possible to make an image in retro style for a themed wedding. This type of styling is ideal for a classic celebration. The flowing curls on the shoulders of the bride emphasize individuality, give a unique look. The styling, with a pile and curls, comes out natural and spectacular. Complete the creation of the wedding image by attaching to the crown of a small elegant hat with a brooch or veil.

Curly bouffant comb for bride

Ideas for hairstyles with curls for short hair

Short haircuts do not leave many opportunities for their owners to create original, intricate hairstyles. But it will be possible to make a beautiful styling for the wedding even on short hair, if you twist the strands into playful curls. If you decide to make yourself a hairstyle with curls, then you should remember that this specific styling is not suitable for everyone.

Volume curls will have to be abandoned by women with a square, round or triangular face shape. A short haircut with curls does not frame the line of the chin, so the main volume will fall on the forehead and ears. The lines of the face that I would like to hide, in this case, will be visually emphasized even more. Curls in addition to a short haircut will suit brides with soft features and an oval shape of the face.

Styling for a wedding for short hair

Curls collected in a lush bun

The bundle is a traditional evening hairstyle that is actively used in wedding fashion. Perfect for brides who want to create an image in a classic low-key style. But sometimes strict bundles on smooth strands look excessively strict and resemble the style of a school teacher, and not a romantic bride. Therefore, stylists recommend choosing a hairstyle option for a wedding, in which curls are collected in a bundle.

If the length of your hair is too small, but you still want to make yourself a voluminous bundle for the wedding, use overhead locks or hairpieces. Hair should be pre-wound with small curls. Then the wound strands are alternately collected at the back of the head into a volumetric bundle. Curls are laid out so that the curls retain their integrity. This styling looks feminine and festive. At will, it is decorated with hairpins with stones, artificial or natural flowers. The veil is fixed under the beam.

Hairstyle for a wedding bun with curls

Pinned curls on the side

Pinned curls on the side on short hair will give the image of playfulness, arrogance. Her young brides choose during a youthful, active wedding. Make a straight or oblique parting on the side of the head, dividing the hair into two unequal parts. The strands are wound with small curls, which are collected from the side and secured with invisibility. Curls look elegant and stylish in combination with a large living flower inserted from the opposite side of the head.

Adult brides who want to make such a hairstyle are advised to give preference to variations with large curls. When winding curls, use a large curling iron or large curlers, then the finished curls will look more natural and tender. A discreet jewelry in the shape of a hairpin with shiny stones will accent and add notes of solemnity.

Wedding Style: Pinned Side Curls

Video tutorial on creating a wedding hairstyle with curls

Brides should carefully choose their wedding hairstyle. Beautiful styling, combined with an outfit, will harmoniously fit into the image. If you choose the wrong hairstyle, you risk spoiling the whole appearance, as well as your mood for the whole day. Find an experienced hairdresser who understands your requirements, gives tips and advice on the choice of styling, according to the style of your image and structure of the strands. Want to know even more nuances of creating an original wedding hairstyle? Then watch the video below.

Photo of hairstyles for a wedding with curls

When choosing a hairstyle for a festive day, consider its relevance to the type of your face. Curls and curls are not suitable for every bride. When you make the final choice in favor of any one styling, spend a training hairstyle in the salon. Trial hairstyles help to understand whether the chosen image is suitable or to give preference to another option. Do not be afraid to experiment and then you can create your perfect wedding look. And in search of original ideas and inspiration, the photo selection below will help you.

Beautiful wedding styling with curls