How to make a wedding hairstyle yourself


Wedding styling is an important part of the image of the bride. It reflects the personality of the girl, traits and talents. If the styling is unsuccessful or inappropriate, then the bride will feel uncomfortable. In this regard, it is so important to find that hairstyle that is ideal for you, will be in harmony with the dress, facial features, accessories and the general mood of the wedding ceremony. We will give important recommendations that will answer your question, how to choose and how to make a wedding hairstyle. Thanks to this, you can take into account all the nuances and look dazzling.

How to choose a wedding hairstyle?

Wedding hairstyle with gathered curls

When choosing a wedding hairstyle, one should be guided by the following rules:

  • First of all, choose a dress, because the whole image will be built around it: flowers, accessories, styling, makeup. If you work with a stylist, it is better to try several hairstyles in advance and choose the most successful and suitable. Choose a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars, and a good hairdresser adapts the styling style for the outfit.
  • Take into account the condition of your hair - very thin or short hair imposes certain restrictions that you have to put up with. If by nature you have curly hair, you do not need to think that a smooth hairstyle is what you really need.
  • Be flexible - discuss several options for wedding styling, taking into account the texture of the hair, dress, the presence or absence of veils, accessories. Find the best that suits you and your wedding look.
  • If you have a gorgeous dress with an abundance of beads, embroidery and other decor, then the hairstyle should be the background for it - let the hair be gathered in a neat, strict hairstyle, or rest on the shoulders in waves. If the outfit is simple, then the styling should be more glamorous, sophisticated, decorated with accessories. Hair should never compete with the outfit..
  • The bride's hair should shine - use a special serum for shine, and for dry locks before styling, use a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Do not forget about accessories. If you want to wear a tiara, then think about how the hairstyle will be in harmony with her. Veils look great with vintage wedding outfits. A floral bezel is suitable for a romantic, bohemian look.

How to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands?

Wedding styling options

Wedding hairstyle should be sophisticated, feminine and tender. This takes into account fashion trends, especially the face and nature of the bride. And who, if not you personally, can do this? Do-it-yourself styling will be unique, extraordinary, unique. How to make your own wedding hairstyle? Below we give step-by-step master classes of beautiful and uncomplicated styling for a wedding.


Curls for a wedding

Curls are a great hairstyle. It is comfortable, so at the end of the day you will not experience a headache from a million hair pins in your hair. In addition, the hairstyle is mobile, so you can dance and have fun without worries. However, minus curls - in their unpredictability. Since they are dynamic, they cannot be held together. At the end of the day, they can look ugly. So how to make a wedding hairstyle curls?

Step-by-step master class:

  • Separate the hair diagonally from the left temple to the right side of the head. Fasten with clamps.
  • Comb the left side to the right, fasten with invisible.
  • Wind curls on the curling iron: wrap horizontally, starting from the bottom of the head to the top.

  • Let the curls cool.
  • Clamp the waves.

  • Sprinkle your hairstyle with varnish to fix it. Remove the clamps.

Bunch with veil

Bunch for a wedding ceremony

A bunch with a veil - exquisite wedding styling. Do not be afraid if it turns out to be very voluminous, because the beam looks good in any performance. Decorate it with flowers or braid to make it look more festive. So how to make a bridal hairstyle?

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Tilt your head down, comb your hair, tie your tail.

  • To add volume, pile on the tail or wind the strands..
  • For a bulk beam, use a thick toe or a special donut.

  • Form a bunch, sprinkle with varnish to fix.

  • Decorate your hairstyle with accessories, pin a veil on the back.

Greek-style wedding styling

Greek style for a wedding

How to make a wedding hairstyle in the Greek style? Here is an approximate technology, however, following it step by step, you will surely cope with the creation of an elegant Greek image:

  • Make a side part, comb your hair.
  • Gather a low neat bundle.
  • Pull strands out of the bundle, fasten them fantastically using beautiful hairpins with flowers or rhinestones.
  • Tie the bundle with a bandage.

Wedding hairstyles for the bride with a photo

Elegant wedding styling

To roughly know what and how to make a wedding hairstyle, we give you photos of hair styles of different lengths. However, you should be careful and correlate the image with the shape of your face:

  • To soften the square shape, choose a styling with long locks in the front, light rings or waves that create soft lines. Short hair should also be slightly wavy. It is better to comb the bangs, and divide the hair into a parting.
  • For a round face, choose elongated hairstyles. If the hair is short, then choose a styling with a short bang that will make the face thinner.
  • With an extended type of face, your task is to visually expand it. Voluminous hairstyles are suitable for long hair, bangs are required for short hair.

For short hair

Hairstyle with a flower for a charming bride

If you are the owner of short hair, then you should not think that you can’t create anything festive on your locks. You can treat the hair with a spray and wind it with a cone-shaped curling iron or on small curlers. Fix the resulting curls with wax or varnish, decorate with a hoop or ribbon. It is not forbidden to use hairpins with large flowers, which are attached with the help of invisibility. Using a textured spray will make the strands dense.

20s style wedding styling

Hoop with flower: wedding hairstyle

Curls for the bride

On medium length hair

Fleece with a veil for the bride

Medium length hair has an undeniable advantage, because it has a natural volume. And long hair is too heavy to hold. Therefore, there are a great many stylings. The laid-back and natural styling, refined and elegant, for example, a classic shell, a bunch, retro waves, always remains relevant. Light curls are suitable for creating a gentle look. In such a hairstyle, it is not forbidden to use artificial locks for additional volume. Curls are fixed with a diadem, ribbon, hoop..

Bride with wreath

Loose hair is usually supplemented with a minimum number of accessories: openwork comb, hairpin. Such styling attract attention with healthy and beautiful hair, so provide your hair care professional care in advance. To create spectacular curls, divide the hair into two unequal sides. Wind the front strands from the face, and the occipital ones - towards the face. Beat a pile of curls with your hands and sprinkle with varnish.

French twist: hairstyle for the bride

The Greek style is in demand and creates romantic images, but such styling is suitable for elongated dresses in the same style. Elastic bandages, ribbons perfectly complement Greek hairstyles. Originality is given to braids which harmoniously fit into a wedding image. Successfully complements them with a veil: multilayer and magnificent looks better if it is fixed on the crown, and flowing and long - on the back of the head or under the beam. Openwork braids decorated with flowers attract attention. It is not forbidden to use fresh flowers on whole branches that give femininity and sophistication.

Bride with curls

On medium length strands look tall elegant styling. For extraordinary girls, a retro style is suitable that will give the image brightness and zest. Form a cold wave, recreating the image of the girls of the jazz era. High styling of the 60s with the right accessories will make you a real doll. Use bows, ribbons, veils, hats.

Hairstyles for long hair

Exquisite wedding styling

Long hair is a whole sea for experimenting with a wedding hairstyle. For the simplest option, collect the hair in a tail, secure it with a beautiful rubber band or hairpin. For more complex variations, form a tail around the donut, which is used for bundles. It is not forbidden to braid braids that look gorgeous. Feel free to combine them with a variety of fleece. In addition, in the role of wedding hairstyles, various bunches with bows, veils, rims look good.

Fleece for the bride

Hairstyle with loose curls for a wedding

The use of flowers in wedding styling

Video: how to make yourself a beautiful hairstyle

Want to make a hairstyle yourself? You will succeed if you first watch the video, and then try to bring the ideas presented there to life. Such wedding styling for long and medium hair is suitable: