Wedding hairstyles with a veil - photo


The initial purpose of the veil was to give the woman a mysterious image, hiding her face. In our time, this decor came along with wedding fashion. The trend of recent years is various hairstyles with a veil that create not only a vintage or retro style, but also for another image of the bride. The veil is attached to any hair - short or long, thin or stiff. For each type of hair, you can choose a stylish wedding styling with a veil.

Options for wedding hairstyles with a veil

The veil looks great even on ultra-short haircuts. Make a stylish haircut the day before your wedding, and on the day of the wedding you just have to comb it a little or curl your hair a little and attach a veil with a hairpin. If the hair length is not enough, tie a head with a white satin ribbon, and attach a stylish retro decor to it. A great option is to buy a headband with a beautiful flower or bow, to which a transparent cloak is already attached - such an alternative is good for an independent hairstyle for a wedding.

Veil for short hair length

Experienced stylists make delightful vintage hairstyles from medium length hair. When the retro style came into fashion, women wore hair up to the chin, and if the curls were longer, then they were specially curled so that they seemed shorter. Curl and loosen the hair of medium length, attach a nice veil in front, and you will look like a bride from the last century. Hair under the veil is stacked in several options:

  1. Short with bangs.
  2. Braids and harnesses.
  3. Loose curls.
  4. Collected curls.
  5. A bunch.

Soft waves - classic vintage hairstyle

Collected hairstyles with curls

When creating an impeccable image, a bride with long curls cannot do without the help of stylists. Let the master tell you what to build on your head so that the veil blends harmoniously with the dress chosen for the wedding, how best to fix the vintage accessory and what makeup will be most combined with the chosen image. But there is a universal hairstyle that will suit all brides without exception - these are collected curls on which a veil is attached.

If you do not have curls by nature, the master first curls straight hair, making them wavy, and then fastens them partially on the back of the head, leaving most of it to flow freely on the back. The veil is fastened with a hoop, ribbon, tiara, flowers, pearls, hairpins or other elements, depending on the chosen shape. Such a styling looks amazing, and it is comfortable to wear, because the hair will not interfere when falling on the face. If desired, the curls falling from behind also pin up, leaving only a couple of strands behind.

Wedding hairstyle with curls and a veil

Weaving and harnesses

The combination of braids and veils will make the vintage look perfect. Wedding braids are braided using different techniques, so it is difficult for the owner of long hair to decide on the styling for her wedding. Variants of weaving under the veil are used by different masters:

  • traditional
  • French braid;
  • harness;
  • spikelet;
  • fish tail and more complex species.

Wedding styling made by French weaving looks elegant and unique. Sometimes professionals create a whole structure on their heads, consisting of complex braids and harnesses, and to prevent such a work of art from being covered with a veil, a short veil is attached to the styling. Simple braids and braids look no less impressive if you just pin them up or put them in a bundle from behind.

Veil - a godsend for complex wedding weaves

High hairstyles

High hairstyles - classic wedding styling. Their masters do on hair exceeding 15 cm in length. But if the length is shorter, then a hairpiece or false locks are used for visual volume. The most common and universal type of high wedding styling is a bunch that will make a short bride several centimeters taller at once. Depending on the style and the chosen outfit, styling is done with a lush bouffant, a hair bow or French babette.

High styling is long lasting and stable. They are great for weddings that take place outdoors. They should not be overloaded with additional accessories, so a small transparent retro wrap is considered the ideal decoration for a high hairstyle. A French veil with a hat will look stylish on a high babette. A small hat does not overload the overall appearance, does not draw attention to itself, providing the opportunity for the whole image of the bride to look harmonious.

High styling creates an original and rigorous look.

Video: hairstyle ideas for the bride with a veil

The traditional veil is gradually fading into the background, giving way to a miniature, comfortable veil. She does not cover the bride’s face, allowing her to look like an aristocrat, and at the same time feel easy, confident in any weather. Check out our short wedding veil video collection:

Photo of wedding hairstyles with a veil

The bride at the wedding is always the main decoration, because her image should be original and memorable. And her hairstyle makes her stylish, first of all. To cover your head, but not close the beautiful styling, you need to use a veil, which is easy to choose. Even if there is no styling for the bride, the veil looks wonderful on simply loose curls, making any image more complex and amazing.

The variety of types of veils does not cease to amaze