Wedding hairstyles with veil for short hair


A veil is a wedding accessory that has come to us from the depths of centuries. She symbolizes the purity of a girl, innocence, beauty. Owners of short hair who decided to use this traditional decoration may not be so easy to choose a hairstyle as long-haired girls. Wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair, presented below, will help brides decide on the option of festive styling.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair:

A fashionable short haircut, decorated with an elegant veil, will look irresistible. To begin with, you should choose an accessory: for the veil to look harmonious, it must be combined with the bride’s dress, fit into her image. A magnificent short version will emphasize the mischievous nature of the bride, and a long and smooth veil will tell guests about her dreamy nature. Decor elements should be selected the same that are present on the dress - rhinestones, beads, pearls, lace.

A long veil is a rare choice for brides with short hair, because it is massive and heavily attached. The most convenient will be the length of the accessory to the shoulder line or higher: the veil looks good-«pirate» («Juliet's Beanie») However, if the bride only dreams of a long version of decoration - special hoops will help to fix the veil. As for the color of the accessory, modern girls have no restrictions - it should be based on the color type and shade of the entire outfit.

Wedding styling options with a veil

With veil and bangs

Bangs are an element of a haircut that has many useful properties: it helps visually reduce a large forehead, make its owner younger. Girls with asymmetric bangs can lay it on its side to create a romantic styling option, if it is long, you can add an elegant curl. Brides whose bangs are cut straight can straighten and smooth it, forming a perfectly straight line: laid in this way, it will look spectacular.

Complex «torn» bangs will help to make the image bright, unforgettable and will definitely attract additional attention. In this case, attach the veil to the back of the head or crown. It can be of any length and size - voluminous and lush or long and narrow. Audrey Hepburn herself wore a bang when she got married, see photo:

Wedding Hairstyle with Veil - Audrey Hepburn

With veil and diadem

A diadem is a small crown adorning the bride’s head. She will help a woman feel like a real princess during a wedding celebration. On fashionable wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair, the accessory looks especially touching and charming. The diadem can be decorated with small rhinestones, pearls, semiprecious or precious stones. Choose an accessory that will be as close as possible to your wedding look.

Tiara and Veil

With veil and flowers

Fresh flowers - one of the most beautiful decorations for wedding hairstyles. You can also use artificial plants, but they can only spoil the graceful appearance of the bride. There are several options that will look great during the celebration:

  • One large flower. Massive compositions from living plants will not go for short hair, but one graceful flower will perfectly decorate the wedding hairstyle.
  • Many small plants mounted on the rim are a great option for those who want to emphasize a gentle, innocent look..
  • A wreath is a popular accessory for wedding hairstyles 2016. It will adorn wonderful short-haired girls using a veil.

Flowers and Veil

With veil and veil

Stylish wedding veil, barely reaching in length to the chin, is called a veil. This accessory is often attached to a small tablet-head or mini-cylinder. The veil can be decorated with stones, pearls, feathers, flowers. It is suitable for styling short hair in retro style.

Photo: veils and veil

With a long veil

A long veil will make the hair more voluminous, give the image of the bride a drop of majestic beauty. This option is not very popular with short-haired girls, but with the right choice of outfit and hairstyle it looks great. Much depends on the shape of the veil, the number of layers, the width.

Photo: Long veil on short hair

Types of hairstyles with a veil (photo)

There are many interesting options for wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair. To give a festive look, use various types of styling - weaving, pigtails, funny curls, elegant curls, playful curly locks, complex asymmetric designs, «wet hair». The choice of hairstyle depends solely on the preferences of the girl.

To create a unique image of a wedding hairstyle, accessories will help - ribbons, rims, combs, hairpins, dressings. Experiment by trying different options until you find the one that suits you the most. Want to learn how to make a romantic styling that is suitable for a wedding? Watch the video:

Retro waves

A side part with elegant smooth waves, well-chosen makeup, a stylish dress - all these details, combined into a single festive decoration, will make the wedding look unforgettable. Retro weddings are very popular due to their bright style, which can easily fit a hairstyle for short hair with a special veil.

Retro wave hair styling

Mischievous sloppy styling

Girls who have a fun, light-hearted nature will use sloppy styling options. For very short hair, use, for example, this: apply mousse, blow dry a hair dryer, pull some strands out of the total mass of hair, direct in different directions, fix with varnish. This bright, playful hairstyle with a veil will look cute and will impress the guests.

Naughty curls wound on a curling iron or curlers will also help to create a charming look with a twist.

Short curls decorated with feathers

With fleece

Bouffant will give additional volume, add a festive image of solemnity. This option looks great with a bob haircut, short and medium length. Using a special comb, the hair is combed at the roots, fixed with a styling agent, and then decorated with the main accessory - a veil.

Wedding styling with velvet

With chignon and overhead strands

Girls who want to appear long-haired at a wedding can pay attention to special hairpieces that fit under their own strands and create the effect of a large mass of hair. False locks look more natural, which the master neatly clings to the bride's short hair.

How to attach a veil to a hairstyle

A veil decorating a hairstyle for short hair can be attached in several ways:

  • The master will make small ponytails from the hair, create a pile, where he will attach the fabric with pins.
  • Having increased or jokes additional locks, the specialist will attach a veil to them.
  • A long veil will be held on short hair with a special hoop.

Photo of wedding hairstyles for short hair with a veil

The bride’s short haircut looks charming: it opens an elegant neck that guests will admire, and in addition, creates a stylish modern look.

When choosing a veil for short hair, consider the model of your dress: it will help determine the shape of the accessory, and the hair color - red, light, dark - and eye color - green, brown, blue - will provide the right choice of shade. Remember the balance that must be respected throughout the outfit..

Hairstyles for owners of short hair

What wedding hairstyles did you like? Maybe you have your own interesting styling options? Leave a comment.