Wedding hairstyles curls


Before the wedding, the girl carefully approaches the choice of hairstyles for the celebration. Beautiful hair styling will help to create a perfect and harmonious image of the bride and groom. Curly wedding hairstyles for long and short hair are chosen by many brides, because it is popular, fashionable and beautiful. Curls make the bride romantic, feminine and mysterious. How to lay your curls beautifully? How to choose the type of curls depending on the style of celebration?

Types of Wedding Hairstyles

Spectacular curls will look great on medium or long hair of the newlywed. Curls are perfect for a gentle image of the bride, because they look natural and beautiful. Curls can be of different types: Hollywood, large, small, spiral or others. Curls look great in a loose form, laid on their sides, gathered in a bundle. Hair accessories will help to make the wedding curly styling festive and stylish. Curls go well with a diadem, flower hairpins and rims, rowing and other decor.

Loose curls

Curly, loose long hair looks sensual and romantic. Wedding styling with falling curls for a long time remain relevant and fashionable. Strands can be given only a slight waviness or wind elastic curls. If you want to style your hair in the Hollywood style, then make a side part, and comb the bangs to the side and give it a light wave shape. Loose curls look great with a back strand combed back, which is stabbed with a beautiful hairpin. Flowing curls go well with a rim, a hairpin and flower on the side of the head.

Loose curls for a wedding

Stacked curls on the side

The bride with long curls laid on her side looks cute and lovely. Asymmetric wedding styling is suitable for a girl with an oval or elongated face. Curls on the side will go well with an outfit that has open shoulders or a deep neckline. And long earrings will make the image complete and harmonious. To lay the curls on the side, use a hair clip, hair clips, varnish. Bright accessories on curls will help to create a spectacular image of the newlywed.

Stacked curls on the side

Hairstyle french waterfall

The combination of weaving and curls is fashionable and original. «French waterfall» from the hair will give the image of the bride more tenderness and sophistication. This wedding hairstyle for blondes is especially effective. To create it, a French braid is woven along the upper part of the head, and curls are made of falling strands. You can decorate curls with decorative hairpins or a hair clip with a flower.

Wedding hairstyle french waterfall

Collected curls in a bundle

The volumetric bundle of curls looks bright and original. The airiness and elegance of the curls collected on the back of the head will give the bride a special femininity, aristocracy. A few carelessly knocked curls from the beam will help to give the image of the newlywed tenderness, romance. The bride with her curls on the back of her head looks solemn, elegant and elegant..

A bunch of curls for a wedding

For which wedding is the curl hair

The celebration style must be in harmony with the wedding dress, hairstyle and other elements of the image of the bride. For various themed celebrations, certain types of wedding hairstyles of curls are suitable. Curls on the head of the bride and groom emphasize the tenderness, lightness, romance of the girl's image. It is important to choose the right accessories for decorating curls so that the decor matches the theme of the celebration.

  • If you are planning a wedding in a rustic style, then choose curly hairstyles simple, natural style. Accessories that are in harmony with the theme of the celebration will suit them..
  • If you are planning a classic or Greek wedding, then complex hairstyles with exquisite decorations will be appropriate.
  • And to maintain the retro style of the celebration, the best option would be Hollywood waves on the head of the newlywed.

For a classic wedding

Beautifully laid curls are perfect for a traditional wedding. Curls can become the basis for different wedding hairstyles. At a classic wedding ceremony, the bride will look irresistible with her loose or style «malvina» curls. And if the bride and groom collects hair on one side, then the curls falling on the shoulder will emphasize the beauty of her open neck.

The elegance of the bride will give a high or low bunch of curls. The above options for wedding styling go well with a traditional veil. Original accessories on curls emphasize the beauty of the wedding hairstyle and the solemnity of the event. With a veil and curls, a diadem, tiara, hairpins with pearls or flowers, combs are perfectly combined.

Long curly hairstyles for a classic wedding

In greek style

For a celebration in the style of ancient Hellas, the bride has a wide selection of curly wedding hairstyles. Greek-style styling consists of curled hair and braids. You can make a simple, beautiful hairstyle if you undo the curls and make several small braids out of them, which you can put on the sides and fasten them on the back with decorative hairpins or hairpins.

The styling in the form of a tail from braided into tight or loose braids of curls and collected at the level of the nape with the help of invisible looks looks exquisitely. No less original look curls collected in a bundle. To create it, on the girl’s head they make a small pile in the region of the crown and arrange the strands in a not tight tail. Hair frizz, and part of them is fixed at the base with hairpins. The flowing curls are beautifully tied with ribbons along the entire length.

Greek style wedding hairstyles

At a retro wedding

For a vintage celebration, styling in a retro style is suitable. To create a suitable image of the bride, you can make vintage cold waves on her head. They can be effectively laid out on one shoulder or left to fall. Hollywood styling is characterized by an open forehead, parting and a special type of light wave. Retro accessories will help emphasize the vintage style of the celebration. Veil, feathers, veils, hats, original headbands will make the image of the bride complete, bright.

Hairstyles with curls for a retro wedding

For rustic

For a rustic wedding, a bride will need a hairstyle with notes of naivety. Naturalness is the main guideline when choosing a wedding styling for a rustic celebration. Perfectly for a village celebration, slightly disheveled curls, braids with different weaves from curlicues are suitable. Large curls can fall over the shoulders or be gathered around the back of the head with hairpins. For a rustic wedding, it will ideally be in harmony with the overall image of a newlywed wreath of fresh flowers or headbands with buds.

Rustic hairstyles for a rustic wedding

How to make wedding curls

All girls with long beautiful hair and great patience can make locks for a wedding on their own. At home, you can curl locks in many ways. Hollywood waves, sloppy curls, elegant curls can be made independently. To do this, you need to allocate several hours of time. To make curls you will need curlers (hair curler, hair dryer with a diffuser), mousse (gel, spray), varnish.

  • Light waves are made using curlers, papillots. Strands are gently wound onto them vertically in the direction of hair growth. Then do a pile in the crown area and fix the waves with varnish.
  • To create careless curls, a heat-protective spray and styling cream are applied to the strands. Then they take small tufts of hair and twist them in one direction into flagella, and then dry them with a hairdryer and a diffuser. At the same time, the flagella are inserted into the nozzle, lifting the strands up. Then spread the curls with their hands.
  • Corkscrew curls. The strands are lubricated with a styling spray, make a direct parting. Then, using a curling iron, create curls from the roots, fixing them with clamps at the ends. At the last stage, remove the clamps, straighten the curls with your fingers, fix with varnish.

Video: hairstyle with curls and flowers

Some brides do not want to use the services of a stylist, but they themselves want to make themselves a wedding hairstyle. Simple styling with curls decorated with flowers can easily be done at home. Elegant wedding hairstyle with curly hair is suitable for girls with long hair. And floral accessories on the head will give the image of the bride femininity, sophistication. Collect pre-wound strands using invisible and hairpins on the back of the head as shown in the video. Before the wedding day, practice in creating this styling.

Photo of wedding hairstyles curls

Wedding styling with curls is suitable for hair of different lengths. But most of the options for this type of hairstyle are provided to girls with long braids. However, brides with magnificent hair are not advised to choose a styling from large flowing curls, because it can look sloppy on them. Bunches or braids from curls are more suitable for them. Pay attention to some useful tips before choosing a styling with curls:

  • It is worthwhile to be careful about curls for newlyweds with a round face shape, because curls can visually increase it..
  • For decor, curls are ideal small accessories. They will not overload the image and perfectly fix the curls in the right position for a long time.
  • If you are curly from nature, then before creating a wedding hairstyle, it is better to straighten the curls with an iron, and then wind them again in a certain pattern. This will help to make perfect and neat curls..
  • Use good fixing agents for styling so that the curls look natural.

The best wedding hairstyles with curls