Greek Style Wedding Hairstyles


Each bride during the wedding celebration wants to look irresistible. The Greek style of hairstyle will help the girl feel like a real goddess Aphrodite, who has fallen to the ground - he can complement the Greek dress, matching shoes, creating a perfectly finished look, and can be used with any other version of the dress. To determine in advance the option of antique styling, study all possible wedding hairstyles in the Greek style.

Greek-style wedding and evening hairstyles

Greek hairstyle is always naturalness, tenderness and splendor. They can be performed in various versions: high styling, hairstyles with semi-assembled, loose hair. The convenience of this style of hair decoration is that it will decorate any shape of the face, and the natural appearance of the styling will allow the bride not to worry about a randomly knocked out lock, on the contrary, this will emphasize the romance and lightness of the image. When creating this stylish hairstyle, smoothness should be abandoned..

With and without a bandage

A stylish accessory bandage will look organic. You can use it in one copy or fix two, three jewelry. Hoops, headbands that will remove the hair from the forehead are also suitable. The elements that decorate these accessories are large, small real or decorative pearls, shining rhinestones, shiny precious, semiprecious stones, gold, silver metal. Feel free to choose a rich decor - the styling style has this.

Original dressings

Mostly the bandage is used to create a high, collected Greek hairstyle, but the hair can look great without any jewelry. Hand-picked hair secured from the back will open the bride’s neck - it can be collected in a stylish bundle, a free volume bundle, and all kinds of weaving look great. See the photo for details:

Unadorned look

With veil

The veil is a beautiful wedding headpiece that not only emphasizes girlish purity, tenderness and innocence, but also looks great. This decoration perfectly emphasizes the luxurious Greek style of hair. It will be possible to fix the veil on the back of the head, crown, in the parietal zone with the help of hairpins, a comb, invisibility, and a rim. It is better if the headpiece is concise to emphasize the richness of hair decoration.

Elegant veil

With diadem

Wedding diadem will help the bride to feel like an ancient goddess. This fabulous accessory can be large, small, simple and elegant or generously decorated. A simple option is suitable for decorating a lush, voluminous styling option, and decorated with all kinds of rhinestones, stones, the accessory will become a suitable decoration for collected, semi-assembled hair.

Fairy tale

With flowers

Fresh flowers are a fashionable wedding trend of the last year. They will be the perfect complement to the natural image of the bride. This can be one large flower, a chic wreath of many different herbs, or a plant that is part of the rim - the main thing is that the composition is combined with a bouquet. As for the latter, for antique wedding style, cascading bouquets are ideal, which look as if they were only collected from the field - this will once again emphasize the naturalness of the image.

Fresh flowers in a hairstyle

With a rim elastic

This type of jewelry is convenient and will allow the girl to independently make a Greek hairstyle. With the help of an elastic band, it will be possible to completely collect the hair so that the hair does not interfere during the celebration, or leave some beautiful flowing strands. Watch a video that details how to make perfect styling in antique style with an iron:

Festive wedding styling

Greek-style wedding festive hairstyles look great. Usually styling is created after the hair is prepared - the hair should be curled with beautiful curls, curled in curls or lay in smooth waves. Styling and fixing agents will help to process them, give a festive look: curlers, tongs, gels, varnish, hair dryer, mousse. Below we will consider laying options for different lengths..

On long hair

Owners of long lengths can afford a truly luxurious look of hair: a semi-assembled version, a high hairstyle with knockable locks, fully raised curls. To make the first option, it is necessary to create a horizontal parting, comb part of the hair over the parting back, make a bulk pile, fasten the locks with a hairpin, and leave the bulk of the hair to flow freely over the shoulders. An unusual variant with a tail looks, see its photo:

Long hair styling

On medium

Almost all options for medium length are collected, but there is an option to curl hair with small curls, decorate with a rim: this type of wedding styling will look easy, cute. The elastic band is one of the main accessories for medium length, it will help to create the perfect styling without any special effort: comb the hair, put on an elastic band, hide the hair under it, twisting inward, fasten with varnish.

For medium length

For short

Modern girls often choose short haircuts. The Greek style will ideally emphasize a great length, but for a short hair length there are several options:

  1. make many small curls, fasten with varnish, decorate with an elastic band;
  2. wind larger curls, slightly direct them back, supplement with a hoop, rim;
  3. make curls, decorate them antique «the crown», the line of which will go through the middle of the forehead.
    Short cut option

With a scythe

Greek hairstyle wedding hairstyles look great. The braid can go around the head, entwining it with a wreath, braiding only in front, removing the locks from the forehead, or be the main emphasis. A variety of weaving will give the image of tenderness, lightness, naturalness, and decorate the final version with the help of hair clips, satin ribbons, rims, flowers.

Different weaving

Video lesson: how to make a hairstyle with a bang for the bride with her own hands

Wedding hairstyles in the Greek style photo 2014

Greek hairstyles

Tiara for an antique look

Soft-rimmed images

Classical Greek-style wedding hairstyles look amazing. Brides who want to choose this type of styling are not mistaken - she focuses on her face, is a magnificent decoration. The charm of the antique hairstyle is that it is not necessary to do it with the master - there are many simple options for how to lay the strands. What antique style ideas did you like? Leave a comment.