Bridesmaids Hairstyles


Properly selected bridesmaid hairstyle is one of the important details of the ceremony. Girls who have the honor of being with the bride during the wedding should think about styling in advance. It should fit the theme of celebration, be neat, modest and elegant..

Rules hairstyles for bridesmaids

There are several unwritten rules for bridesmaids hairstyles, which must be observed when devising an image for a wedding:

  • The first and most important rule - laying the bridesmaid should be modest and simple so as not to overshadow the hero of the occasion and not distract the attention of guests. Many modern brides choose elegant neat styling, so in order not to be more elegant, consult the girl about this in advance.
  • The choice of styling style depends on the theme of the party. If it’s retro, the babette will suit, graceful waves of the twenties, but it’s better to choose something simpler for a classic wedding ceremony - a hairstyle-shell, a low bun.
  • The bridesmaid plays an active role during the celebration, because she will have to remove from the bride all the worries of the wedding day, so the hairstyle should be, first of all, comfortable.
  • Mostly girlfriends dresses are sewn to order, so the styling should match the look of the outfit. Let the hairstyle be the same shape and decorated with the same elements (rhinestones, pearls, sparkles) as the head of the hero of the occasion, but it should be stricter, decorated less brightly.
  • The highlight of the wedding can be the presence of a colored short veil for all invited friends. This accessory should be practical, convenient - a veil, mounted on the back of the head or crown, is suitable.
    Colored veil of the girlfriends of the bride
  • As for accessories for the hairstyle of the best bridesmaids, any options that will not attract too much attention are suitable. A graceful living flower, a stylish hairpin, a neat hoop, a ribbon woven into a braid, beautiful hairpins decorated with stones - all this will become the perfect decoration for the girl’s hair.
  • Holiday makeup should not stand out too much. Calm shadows, soft lipstick, even tone will be a wonderful face framing.

Evening hairstyle for long hair

Owners of long hair are lucky - they have many options for evening styling. The hairstyle of the best bridesmaids can take a variety of forms depending on the theme of the celebration, the personal preferences of the girl, her combination with the image of the bride: flirty curls, stylish ponytail, beautiful weave, high hairstyles. And how to make a beautiful hairstyle for a wedding, see the video tutorial:

Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves - an actual hairstyle for the best bridesmaids. Smooth, neatly laid out by the waves strands look amazing. This option is suitable for the calm rhythm of the wedding, where you do not have to spend much time actively, otherwise the spectacular hair will become worthless.

Hollywood waves

With braids and weaving

Hairstyle for the best bridesmaids with weaving - a classic option that will suit any wedding party. A beautiful French braid, an elegant spikelet, a free fish tail, a braid wreath - there are many options and they all look charming. Choose the one that best reflects the concept of celebration.

Tails and Bundles

Ponytails and bunches are popular bridesmaid hairstyles. A comfortable tight or loose bunch, a ponytail collected from the back will open the girl’s beautiful neck and save her from the heat in the summer season. Another version of the hairstyle is curls curled into curlers, collected in a tail and laid to one side. Bunches with tails can be located on the back of the head, crown or in the middle.

Hair bow

Smooth, stylish hairstyle «Bow», created with the help of gel, varnish and the skill of a stylist, will help a girl to look elegant and tender.

Holiday hair bow

Loose curls

If you can boast shiny, healthy hair, flowing locks twisted by curls will become the perfect evening styling, emphasize the romantic nature. See the photo for details:

Making loose curls

Hairstyles for medium hair

Girls with shoulder-length hair have a large selection of evening holiday hairstyles. Fanciful Greek styling, stylish plaits, mischievous curls, hair gathered in a side or back bundle. An important role is played by accessories - dressings, ribbons, hair clips.

Easy sloppy styling

Air styling at medium length looks sexy. You can twist locks with curls or collect them from behind. Watch a video that will help you to make careless light curls on your own:


Elegant shell - a simple, practical version of the hairstyle. The best friend of the hero of the occasion will surely appreciate her convenience during the holiday.


Chic Greek hairstyle looks solemn - it is suitable for a luxurious large wedding. Ask the bride how her hair will be styled so as not to beat the main character of the holiday in pretentiousness.

Short hair styling options

All kinds of short haircuts are in trend. A classic square, a stylish bean, a haircut for a boy with a short bang, barely reaching the middle of the forehead - all this can become the basis for a beautiful evening hairstyle. Styling with curls, feathers, voluminous towels, careless locks, the tips of which are waxed, are popular. If you want to shine on photos with long hair, ask an experienced salon specialist to attach false hair to long hair.

Corrugation wrapping

Wrapping with the help of a corrugation curler will add volume to the hair, make it magnificent. This hairstyle can have clear or blurry contours, depending on the wishes of the girl. Useful advice: before using the tool, treat the hair with mousse so that it does not puff in different directions.

Use of large and small corrugation

With wet hair effect

Wet hair hairstyle for the summer season or themed beach party.

High styling

High effective styling fits perfectly into a wedding party «dude». Fluffy short hair, set high, looks modern and unusual.

Spectacular bob

To create an unusual hairstyle with a bob haircut, use a bouffant that will lift the hair on the top of your head or wrap romantic sloppy curls.

Haircut Bob

Beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids photo 2014

Romantic images for bridesmaids

Modest images

Options for delicate looks

When choosing an evening hairstyle, remember the rules that a bridesmaid must follow. Use your imagination, creating unusual options for styling hair, do not hesitate to experiment, but do not overdo it. Remember that your appearance should not distract attention from the beauty of the bride. What evening hairstyles did you like? Share your experience with beautiful hairstyles. Leave a comment.