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Every bride wants to look irresistible during the wedding ceremony. Wedding dress, shoes, accessories are selected long before the celebration. The bride’s shoes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable: the bride will spend her whole day from morning to late at night. If it will be difficult to walk in it, the bride herself will be constantly in suspense. Stiletto heels look amazing, but few girls can spend in high heels all day. Is there an alternative to high and thin stiletto heels?

Platform Wedding Shoes

Benefits of Platform Wedding Shoes

Not all beauties have a slim figure and high growth. Short girls want to look taller, and full - slimmer. To give the silhouette a slim fit, brides order a dress with a tight corset and buy shoes that add a few cherished centimeters to them. But not all women will wear models with high stilettos, some feel insecure in heels. Other women do not wear heels for physiological reasons: from long walking, swollen feet, inflamed joint of the big toes.

Wearing models with a platform allows you to avoid the troubles, worries associated with wearing high-heeled shoes. These shoes are stable, so the legs and ankles experience less stress. The likelihood that they become swollen, suddenly start to hurt, decreases sharply. But there is confidence in yourself, your strengths: you do not need to constantly monitor your gait. It is better to put on a comfortable pair of shoes, and move confidently than to fall or slip on his heels, making others laugh. The fall of brides is a real hit of wedding photos and videos!

High Platform Bride Shoes


How to choose the right shoes on the platform?

Stylists recommend buying wedding shoes in stores where there is a large selection of such products so that you can buy what you need. Try all the models and choose the right pair. The main thing to be guided by when choosing - shoes and other accessories should be combined with the bride’s dress.

One more piece of advice: a massive platform (wedge heel) does not fit well with tight tight dresses, because of this the legs and feet seem unnaturally large. Also, it does not harmonize with the style dress «the little Mermaid» - legs look overly massive. On the contrary, platform shoes are well suited to moderately lush dresses and outfits. Shoes for the bride should look festive. If you liked the shoes, but they are not elegant enough, decorate them with beads, rhinestones, ribbons.

The height of the shoes for the bride

Shoe lifting height

When choosing the right model, pay attention to the rise of the foot. An incorrectly matched pair will cause inconvenience when walking. Most women in Russia have a high foot rise, and in countries such as Italy and China, the shape of the female foot is different. Manufacturers from these countries do not take into account the structure of the feet of Russian girls and produce low-rise shoes that are hardly suitable for anyone. This characteristic of the shoe must coincide with the rise of the foot, otherwise walking in it will be uncomfortable.

We take into account the features of the figure

Any thing on a woman should look organic, emphasize her beauty, without focusing on the weaknesses of the figure. Models of shoes with a massive platform with a large volume will not suit short and thin girls with a thin bone. Volumetric models will not decorate thin legs. If the chunky girl with magnificent forms puts on the same shoes, such combination will look harmoniously.

Bride shoe color: white or ivory

Shoe color: classic white or ivory?

White is a classic wedding tint. If a girl about to get married presents herself in a white dress, it is worth fulfilling her dream and ordering an outfit, as well as accessories of this color. But some brides want an alternative. A great option in this case would be a fashionable ivory outfit. This shade is well known to fashionistas as ivory. Ivory, like white, will emphasize the solemnity of the wedding, but will look more elegant and elegant.

As sellers of wedding dresses and accessories stores testify, almost half of the dresses made by little-known manufacturers are executed in the shade of ivory. As for dresses from famous fashion designers and companies, four of the five outfits are made of ivory. If the bride wants to choose the original tone of the wedding dress, let it be the color of ivory.

Photo of ivory shoes with pebbles 2016

Bride Image: Ivory Pebble Shoes