Wedge Wedding Shoes


The bride’s wedding dress is perhaps the most important attribute of a wedding. Each self-respecting girl carefully prepares for the upcoming solemn event, everything should be taken into account: dress, makeup, accessories, hairstyle, jewelry, shoes. The last attribute of the outfit becomes almost the most important problem: the shoes either do not fit in color, then the model is unsuccessful, then uncomfortable. And convenience on such a day plays an important role, because you have to be in one shoe all day, so it’s important that it be comfortable, for example, like wedding shoes with wedges.

Benefits of Wedge Wedding Shoes

Wedge shoes are always a win-win because their first advantage is comfort. Wedding day does not just turn into a solemn moment in the life of the newlyweds, it is also a difficult holiday, which is difficult to survive not only mentally, but also physically. Comfortable shoes at their own weddings play not the last role, but if they rub somewhere, the holiday turns into just torture, which you want to finish faster. Advantages of wedge shoes:

Convenience wedges for weddings

  • Such a choice will become part of the original stylish image, because it deviates a bit from the classical canons. Thanks to this, you will look as unusual as possible, so to speak, with a twist.
  • At first glance, wedge shoes (platform) may seem rude to your bride. However, putting them on, you will immediately see that the platform visually slim women's legs, so it is ideal for any girl who cares about how she looks from the side.
  • You can wear these shoes not only once at your own wedding - they will become an indispensable attribute of your wardrobe and other solemn events in life.
  • The platform is a fashion trend in dresses for this year's wedding.

Wedges for wedding shoes

Wedding Shoes Tips

The choice of shoes for the wedding requires a particularly careful approach, because it should be not only elegant, but also comfortable. This is the key to your well-being during not only the solemn ceremony of the wedding, but throughout the holiday. Often combining beauty and convenience becomes a very difficult task, so it’s important to take this issue very seriously: are the shoes suitable for the bride’s wedding dress in color, how much their model matches the overall image, whether they argue with the dress, how you feel in selected shoes. A few tips:

  • Do not pull with the choice of wedding attire, buy it well before the appointed wedding date. YOU need to get used to the dress, learn to wear it (especially if it is complex in design or low-necked).
  • Shoes should be chosen after you have finally decided on the dress, because they are selected according to the color (it is important that they harmonize with the dress).
  • Decide in advance for yourself whether you want a high wedge or not, open sandals or with a closed nose, etc. This will simplify the task in the process of trying on and choosing, and also reduce a huge amount of time.
  • You will agree that it is impossible to combine the beauty of high-heeled shoes with the practicality and convenience of low-speed models. Therefore, in advance you must decide for yourself what is more important to you, or buy two pairs of shoes for a wedding at once: some are insanely beautiful, while others are ideally comfortable.
  • For fancy shoes for your own wedding, which you will never wear again, giving fabulous money is better not worth it. Only in this case, this purchase is able to justify itself, and even then, if it is of high quality.
  • Do not fall for a fishing rod - brightness and beauty, which is carefully decorated with rhinestones, pebbles and similar things. One improperly attached pebble on the shoes can cause irreparable harm to the wedding dress, having made many hooks on the elegant fabric, which will then become completely unsuitable even for repair.

Beautiful and comfortable wedge heel

  • Do not limit your horizons in choosing elegant models in wedding salons: firstly, it will be more expensive there, and secondly, you will not find what you are looking for. Often in ordinary shoe stores there is such a variety of beautiful women's shoes that choosing a pair for your own wedding is not difficult.

Wedge heights

An important criterion in choosing wedding shoes, and in particular on a wedge, is its height. Yes, the higher it is, the more graceful the girl’s gait becomes, and her figure acquires additional harmony. However, it is not always right to choose a high massive platform, so you will lose the convenience of shoes, and secondly, it will be harmful to your legs. Make your choice on the pair in which you will be comfortable walking.

Different wedge heights

Shoes color

The color of the shoes may differ slightly from the color of the dress, it can even be radically different, you just need to add a small detail in the accessories, which will be the same color as the shoes. You should not limit yourself at all, choosing only white color. Today's fashion for brides provides a huge number of color shades: noble beige, blue, pale pink, etc..

A variety of colors of wedding wedges


The comfort of any shoes is the most important thing. Many understand and follow this expression - beauty requires sacrifice. But no beauty is worth your excellent mood and well-being on such a beautiful and decisive day of life. When choosing, pay attention to comfort and quality that you can always find by buying wedding shoes with wedges. These shoes can make you confident and happy in any situation..

A selection of wedge shoes

To be inspired by the necessary idea, decide on the style of wedding shoes, see how they look in one color or another, see below a photo selection of white and beige shoes with a wedge. You will be convinced that the platform is not just practicality and convenience, but also grace, refinement, impeccability, which will help you create a complete image of a wedding dress.

Wedge shoes for the bride