Wedding dress mini


Fashion trends, design shows of collections ... Fashion lovers have a very difficult choice: which designer’s dress to prefer, what accessories to choose? And imagine, if you need to choose the vestments for the bride? From possible options, the head goes around - a flamboyant wedding dress mini or classic lace on the floor; one model or several? Let's try to understand the variety of modern offers.

Fashionable models of mini dresses for the bride

What are the pros of choosing a mini dress for a wedding:

  • The graceful legs of the bride, peeking out from under the miniskirt, will attract the admiring glances of not only the groom, but the entire male half of the guests.
  • If the ceremony is planned abroad, the small size of the wedding dress makes it possible to carry it as hand luggage with minimal loss of appearance.
  • Hot countries, tropical islands contribute little to the desire to put on themselves «tons» tulle, satin.
  • By the end of the day, the bride, «chained» in a traditional dress model, will feel if not the most tortured, then at least dreaming of changing her outfit.
  • The presence of a mass of petticoats planted on special rings brings numerous inconveniences, fetters movement, requires assistance when boarding and leaving a wedding car.
  • A long train can bring unnecessary unnecessary feelings: how not to stain, hook and tear the dress.
  • The price of standard long wedding models is high. Choosing a mini-dress of any style for a wedding ceremony, you solve two problems: save money and get a cocktail dress for all occasions.

Mini Wedding Dresses

When choosing a short wedding dress, pay attention to such features:

  • With high growth, any styles of mini-dresses visually make the girl even taller. But for short and low brides, a mini dress will fit perfectly: taking into account beautiful shoes with heels, you will look very elegant.
  • Owners of a couple of extra kilograms should choose the style carefully. A very short model with ruffles and ruffles will add extra volume to photos and videos. It is preferable, in this case, to choose a short cocktail dress, a cover that covers the knee.
  • For a mini dress for the bride, it is preferable to choose accessories in the style of minimalism: a thin graceful chain, discreet diamond earrings - the perfect decoration for you on a festive day.

Beautiful Mini Wedding Dresses

For a wedding mini-dress, organically pick up a small veil, preferably also a short one. Hats with a veil, unusual hairstyles with flowers suitable in style to the outfit will look beautiful on a woman. Mini length implies the presence of beautiful tights that everyone around will see. Do not forget about shoes: massive shoes, platform sandals will make your legs look heavier, creating disharmony. Pick up nude stiletto heels.

Fitted mini dress

The fitted styles of mini dresses came to us from the distant 60s of the last century. A sheath dress is perfect for any figure, fitted with a corset and bare shoulders - a great option for owners of lush busts. Additional emphasis will be placed on embroidery with beads, satin ribbons, lace decor elements.

The fitted models of short dresses for a wedding

Fluffy with many skirts

Very young brides, happy owners of size S or even XS, choose short wedding dresses with a mini skirt, consisting of several rows of ruffles, multi-layered ruffles. The bride’s figure pulled into a corset with a tutu skirt will not leave her without close attention. In this case, pay special attention to the selection of accessories: they must be concise, refined.

Lush Mini Wedding Dresses

Mini dress with a train

Lovers of shocking the audience to taste will have the style of a mini dress with a train. The big plus of most models is the detachable train, removing which during the height of fun, the bride will provide herself with freedom of movement. An analogue of a loop can be considered a style «fish tail», connecting the opportunity to demonstrate the legs of the bride and to keep up appearances.

Short models with a loop

Mini transforming dress

Is there a civil painting in the registry office, and then a wedding ceremony in the church? Transformer wedding dresses with detachable upper skirts will come to the rescue. Agree, two wedding dresses and one day - what is not a joy for the bride? Transformer beach mini-dresses will be indispensable in the bride’s wardrobe. Sewn from the lightest fabrics, they allow you to vary the style, length, depending on your mood and taste.

Transformer Wedding Dresses

Two in one dresses

Photos of fashionable wedding mini dresses

Choosing a wedding dress, many young ladies prefer the classic version. But if you are young, you want to stand out from the crowd of brides in ruffles and ruffles - pick up a stylish mini dress in the wedding salon. Fashion for such styles has come to us recently. Coco Chanel is considered to be the founder by right, having offered her clients knee-length dresses. If you follow the fashion trends, you probably noticed that not a single catwalk of wedding models is complete without mini dresses. The abundance of options presented in the photo.

Unusual wedding mini dresses

Designer Wedding Outfits

Short models for brides