Perfect wedding dress


What girl in dreams did not imagine her own wedding? A handsome groom, smiling guests and parents, an elegant path, a flower arch, and ... a delightfully beautiful bride in a chic dress, like a princess, marches towards happiness. It is so tempting mesmerizing. How to choose the same «perfect wedding dress»? Learn how to turn from Cinderella into an inimitably beautiful, elegant bride.

The fashion season 2016/16 is held under the motto of elegance and sophistication: simple cut lines, graceful style, muted pastel shades accentuate the beautiful figure of a woman. World-renowned designers, who presented delightful collections for newlyweds on prestigious catwalks, offer to recall the times of femininity, emphasized high taste and style.

Vera Wang Wedding Dress Collection

Lush outfits with many frills, ruffles, catchy embroideries and rhinestones have sunk into oblivion. To replace intricate styles «mermaid», «a la princess» simple, sophisticated models came to gently emphasize the silhouette of the bride. Delicious conciseness, expensive fabrics, perfect cut lines in the style of the great Grace Kelly distinguish the collections of Oscar de la Renta, Alexander MqQueen, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera.

To add shocking appearance to the bride and groom offers the famous fashion house Chanel and its leading fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, while maintaining the best traditions of Mademoiselle Coco. For young, impudent, courageous beauties traveling down the aisle, the 2016/16 season offers a huge selection of short wedding dresses to demonstrate beautiful legs, a slender figure.

Collection of wedding dresses from Chanel fashion house

Classic handmade lace is once again at the pinnacle of popularity: Kate Middleton, Amal Alamuddin, Anne Hathaway and many other representatives of the aristocracy, show business, super-old choose exquisite patterns of openwork fabric. A feature of the new, 2016 will be unusual lace patterns that resemble a tattoo, suitable for courageous, confident brides.

«Simplicity and lightness» - the motto that is embodied in the fall-winter 2016/16 season in all the details of the organization of the wedding celebration: chic banquets are replaced by refined, but simple dishes; the pretentiousness and rich decor are replaced by elegance, minimalism; pomposity is replaced by sincerity; expensive, catchy accessories are invited to change to stylish, elegant.

The choice of fabric and color of the dress of the bride

Lightness and airiness of the image are emphasized by natural fabrics. Unusual overflows, the play of light of satin, silk, grogron will create the perfect silhouette, gently and affectionately wrapping the figure of the bride and groom. The gas illusion, chiffon, used for wedding dresses that are so fashionable in the season of translucent skirts, will elegantly decorate the silhouette. For a winter outfit, a broker is an excellent choice - a weightlessly thin fabric with interweaving of woolen threads, silver or gold.

Different fabrics and colors of the bride's dress

Fashion gurus offer brides to abandon the bright, catchy colors of wedding dresses: red, dark blue, emerald shades are now not in fashion. The beauty of delicate pastel, muted colors reigns at the shows of bridal collections: olive, peach, pearl gray, pale blue, ash pink tones will be the perfect choice. Still in favor remains a snow-white classic.

The choice of model and style of dress

To choose the perfect bride dress that will turn you into an exquisite, mysterious, delightfully gentle beauty, pay attention to the main trends of wedding fashion of the seasons 2016/16:

  • Airy lace, the finest guipure, delicate patterns - a must-have for a stylish bride. The laconicism of the cut, the elegance of the silhouette is emphasized by the ideal proportions of the figure.
  • Long trains gradually go out of fashion. A stylish replacement for the latter, fashion designers propose to make a cape - cape, similar to the mantle of royal.

Cape Wedding Dresses

  • Style Crop top confidently leads among young ladies. The daring, shocking style is perfectly combined with airy lace, expensive fabrics, emphasizing at the same time the bride’s sexuality and shyness. Wedding dresses with a short top and shoulder straps, revealing a thin waist look beautiful.
  • Asymmetry is a favorite of this year's models. Large flounces, wide frills decorating the wedding dress, located diagonally or on one side of the outfit, become an ideal detail of the decor that does not require additions.
  • Long translucent sleeves of a wedding dress will decorate and emphasize the aristocracy of the image. The finest guipure, lace, in harmony with the style of the outfit, will be the perfect choice for a bride and groom who follow fashion trends. Optimum length - to the bone on the wrist or .

Wedding dresses with long translucent sleeves

  • A light, airy drapery on the shoulders, covering a deep neckline, a bare back, will allow the newlywed not to think about the presence of dresses for both the civil ceremony and the church wedding.
  • A low neckline, softened with pastel colors, a romantic flying silhouette of a wedding dress, will perfectly give a subtle touch of eroticism without vulgarity and bad taste.
  • Transparent lace skirts, narrow models with a slit to the thigh again on Olympus wedding fashion.

Wedding dresses with transparent skirts

Useful tips for choosing a dress for the bride

Choosing the perfect dress, start with ... a cup of coffee and wedding magazines. New collections of famous fashion designers will delight you, cheer you up and help you navigate the intricacies of fashion. Are you worried that the cost of designer models you can not afford? Take time, visit wedding salons with your mom and girlfriend, choosing, trying on a variety of outfits. Pick the dress you saw in your dreams.

If the price «bites», and if you have a margin of time of at least a couple of months, contact a good fashion designer atelier: purchasing fabrics, accessories, tailoring will cost less. Another opportunity to save money will be choosing the perfect model for a wedding outfit for rent: exquisitely elegant A-line styles and Greek airy patterns are in fashion. Trendy short silk, lace, satin and even crepe short dresses for the bride will add a zest, a charm inherent to the style of the 50-70s of the last century.

Perfect wedding dresses

If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, opt for elegant models with a swan feather. Do not forget to choose beautiful accessories:

  • This year, fashion designers offer to choose a veil of the same length as the dress.
  • Disheveled bouquets of the bride will add a slight negligence to a flawless look.
  • Neat, spicy garter «will tell» friends of the groom who are going to marry.
  • Wraps, capes made of fur will warm the bride, giving charm.

Features of choosing dresses for short girls

When choosing a wedding dress, owners of a miniature figure of short stature should pay attention to short dresses with draperies, bows, asymmetric flounces. The ideal option would be this year's fashionable long dresses of A-line or Greek style «Empire». Long sleeve trend, small flashlight, light draperies around the shoulders emphasize the fragile beauty of the bride.

Wedding dresses for short girls

Owners of a small breast fit cut «boat», occupying the top positions in wedding collections of designers. An elegant corset with lacing and a minimum of shiny pebbles, catchy and bright details will help to emphasize the magnificent bust. High heels - hairpin or platform; neat, short veil-hat, increasing growth; a delightful bouquet will complete the refined image of a girl.

Photos of perfect wedding dresses 2016

Choosing the perfect dress for the wedding ceremony is a pleasure and a lot of work. Take the process responsibly: on the most solemn, long-awaited day of your life, you should look like a king. Refinement, elegance, delicate taste, a sense of proportion and style will become your ideal allies. To navigate in a whirlwind of fashion trends, designer trends, new styles of leading wedding fashion houses, look at the photos of the latest collections of bridesmaid dresses from world-famous fashion designers:

Wedding Dresses 2016