Wedding dresses from Chanel


«Fashion comes, style remains» - the legendary words of the great woman Coco Chanel. Her name has long become a brand, emphasizing the elegant, refined and sophisticated taste of charming fashion designer fans. Chanel wedding dresses - original, unpredictable, amaze with an innovative approach, unusual decor. And in the distant 30s of the last century, and at present, the Chanel fashion house delights lovers of beauty, grace in clothes with its new products..

Models of wedding dresses from Coco Chanel

Mademoiselle Coco, the modern world of fashion owes revolutionary achievements, including wedding dresses. Elegance and taste were in the first place for this woman who created an elegant dress for the wedding of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. Gabrielle Chanel paid great attention to accessories, as a result of which innovative wedding dresses appeared just below the knee, making it possible to show others not only the delightful shoes of the newlywed, but also to show beautiful legs.

Models of Coco Chanel outfits for the bride

Tight corsets and fluffy skirts covering the young bride’s knees became the basis for creating many wedding collections of designers around the world for many years. The great Coco considered the convenience and comfort of clothes, especially a wedding dress, in which the bride spends the whole day, no less important for any woman. Sheath dresses, spectacular fitted lush outfits - long and not very - in combination with original accessories became Chanel's hallmark in the fashion world.

The current head of the Chanel fashion house - Karl Lagerfeld - from year to year returns to the timeless classic. Exquisite cut lines, original styles distinguish any collection of this fashion house. Unusual models of wedding dresses combining Gothic and classic style, simple cut lines and sophistication of style became the novelties of the 2016 season. Any girl dreams of such a dress for the most solemn day in life.

Wedding Dresses Sheaths

To brides who prefer a modest wedding ceremony, the Chanel fashion house offers elegant tweed sheath dresses complete with a classic jacket in a delicate shade of cream. Particular attention is paid to contrasting accessories, so necessary in the cold season. Young newlyweds can opt for a mini-dress with a traditional round collar, emphasizing the purity and innocence of the girl.

Chanel Sheath Dress

A spectacular lace knee-length sheath dress that hugs the figure gives the bride an image of sexuality, emphasizing the lovely curves of the figure. The original pink robe with bare shoulders and the decor of the skirt in the form of several folds is decorated with a black bow that attracts the eyes of others. The novelties of the 2016-2016 season are long wedding dresses-covers of snow-white color, decorated with gold or silver embroidery. Roman sandals with satin ties worthy of completing the image of the bride.

Classic Wedding Dresses by Chanel

Wedding Classic Karl Lagerfeld Dresses

The finest chiffon, playing with overflows of natural cream-colored silk, the designers of the Chanel fashion house combined to create a fabulous wedding outfit for the bride. The bodice of the dress, which opens the neckline and back, is elegantly decorated with drapery, and the elegant chiffon frills of the oblique cut line effectively drop to the bottom. Unusual fabrics connecting transparent tulle and matte satin, Karl Lagerfeld used to create a classic style wedding attire «mermaid», not forgetting to add a twist to the image - a snow-white stole from swan fluff.

Handmade lace repeating floral patterns, a tight corset and puffy skirts turn the bride into a romantic fairy-tale fairy. Rhinestone-embroidered clothes for the bride and groom are in perfect harmony with the chiffon train skirt decorated with feathers and the traditional Chanel hat instead of a veil. The private show of the 2016 collection showed the world a new masterpiece of the fashion house: «floral wedding dress». The silk top of the model is embroidered with crystals, pearls, and the bottom represents a chiffon skirt in a delicate pink and cream shade, decorated with many exquisite colors.

Straight cut dresses

Chanel straight bride dresses

Simplicity and elegance are the main trends of the last seasons of the world of wedding fashion. The straight silhouette confidently won the lead on the fashionable Olympus. Matte white satin satin dresses with gold embroidery bring to life the images of lovely Greek goddesses. The translucent brocade robes of silver color are striking in their unusual cuts, and long ones in the floor attract attention with a wealth of decorative elements. The glass bead and pearl trim gives the zest that Chanel fashion house is famous for..

Decorated with feathers or swan down

An impeccable Snow Queen would give an icy soul for a delightful wedding dress with a corset-accentuated waist, a lush classic chiffon skirt and a swan feather-down wrap wrap. «New vintage» a snow-white dress for the bride by Chanel emphasizes grace, plasticity of the bride and groom, giving a resemblance to this graceful bird.

Swan Feather Wedding Dresses

An original combination of wedding dress elements that are inconsistent in texture and direction, provoking makeup, unusual accessories - all this creates a unique Chanel style. The crystals, rhinestones, pearls with which the fabric of the clothes for the bride is embroidered, perfectly harmonize with the laconicism of cut, the elegance of style. Cream, pearl gray, ash pink shades of wedding dresses shade the snow-white swan feather or down.

Short wedding dresses

Short Wedding Dresses by Chanel

Short wedding dresses with a long veil train are the hallmark of Chanel fashion house. Tight corsets accentuate the bride’s graceful waist, and fluffy knee-length skirts give the groom and wedding guests the opportunity to demonstrate the bride’s delightful legs. Floral decor - again at the peak of popularity: skirts, boas, decorated with amazingly beautiful lace flowers, give romanticism, airiness to the image of the newlywed.

Photos of wedding dresses from Chanel 2016

The combination of classic traditions and new trends in the world of wedding fashion turn Chanel dresses into works of high art. And not so important, this is a collection «ready to wear» or «Haute couture» - in any of them, the bride will look like a superstar. A distinctive feature of the 2016–2016 season was not only eclectic outfits, but also essentially contrasting accessories: white sneakers for mini dresses or Greek sandals at low speed.

Exquisite style, sense of proportion, unusual taste of Karl Lagerfeld allows you to create masterpieces of wedding fashion, which millions of women strive to follow. The laconicism of jewelry, and even its complete absence, does not make the image less vivid, because you yourself are the main component. «Look for the woman inside the dress» - the great words of the great mademoiselle coco. Dreaming of a Chanel wedding attire? Our photos will help you choose the same «little white (read instead of black) dress», which will turn you into a queen.

Photo of Chanel Wedding Dresses 2016