Vintage Wedding Dresses


Modern brides prefer to change the standard wedding scenarios to fascinating, thematic actions. In order to convey the full flavor of previous eras, modern brides use dresses in vintage style. It perfectly accentuates your figure and turns it into an impressive coquette. And with the help of stylized accessories, you will be able to convey elegance and inner beauty.

Vintage wedding dresses

What is characteristic of a bride's dress in vintage style?

The main attribute of the bride is a wedding dress. His successful choice will make the bride and groom unique. If a girl decided to go to the altar in an old dress, then it is necessary to carefully consider all the details of this image, and then the wedding in vintage style will be held at the highest level. Pre-visit the exhibitions, museums, which collected rare clothes of previous eras. Watching retro movies will help you feel vintage as much as possible. But if you do not know where to find a vintage robe, we suggest using the following options:

  1. The vintage clothing store always has wedding dresses in its assortment. The future bride a month before the upcoming celebration, you must visit an antique shop to find the right robe. If the dress in vintage style liked, but does not fit, then an experienced seamstress will quickly fix all the obvious flaws.
  2. Revise your grandmother or mom’s antique wardrobe. A vintage-style dress that suits you as a wedding dress is easy to find even in your home collection. Be sure to double-check the item for any defects. If you find a dilapidated fabric, stain, clue, then restore. Hide flaws you get with a beautiful brooch, ribbon or appliqués from lace.
  3. A more expensive option for a vintage dress will be his individual tailoring in a wedding studio. Be sure to discuss the used vintage fabrics and accessories in advance, as improperly selected materials can ruin the amazing style of the wedding dress..

The young girl will be able to convey the vintage style with the help of the right color scheme and textured fabrics. The use of soft, muffled, pastel colors in combination with a variety of materials is encouraged. Perfectly fit into the style of celebration of the fabric, able to convey the spirit of the times - lace, chiffon, velvet, satin, linen, cotton. Vintage dresses can be recognized by a closed neckline or a deep neckline on the back, transparent sleeves or thin straps, a fluffy skirt or a tight-fitting silhouette.

Vintage style bride dresses

Vintage Style Wedding Dress Ideas

The choice of dress model depends on which era you are going to copy. If you are attracted to the vintage of the 20s, then you should give preference to the classic straight cut, which will emphasize all the advantages of the figure. Fluffy skirts and an A-silhouette, which are inherent in the style of the 50s, are performed in a restrained style. No matter which wedding dress you choose, your outfit will certainly be the center of attention of the entire ceremony.

Ecru Lace and Cotton Dress

You can convey the feminine cut of wedding dresses and vintage style with a combination of textured lace and ecru cotton. Delicate cream fabric repeats the bends of the figure, which makes the appearance luxurious and elegant. Lace that envelops the silhouette is selected with a large pattern of flowers or leaves. The bottom of such a dress is decorated with fringe or scalloped lace..

Lace in a vintage dress of the bride

With a fluffy lace skirt and a train

If the bride plans to combine vintage and a fabulous princess look in a wedding dress, then it is recommended to make your choice in favor of a lush lace skirt. An additional decoration will be a small bow placed on the belt in front or behind. Such an element brings playfulness and fun to the romantic image of the bride and groom. The bodice of the dress has a fitted silhouette, emphasizing the shape of the chest with the help of vertical tucks. The bottom of the skirt smoothly goes into a long train, which is admired by modern brides.

Vintage style in the image of the bride and groom

A-line with a chiffon skirt

In order to convey vintage from the period of the 50s, stylists recommend choosing an A-line dress. The skirt of this outfit is made of flowing and translucent fabric - chiffon. The combination of several layers of material makes the bottom of the dress airy and light. Against the background of such a chic skirt, the bodice looks modest. The corset of the dress resembles a strict fitted blouse with a row of buttons. The final accent of the wedding attire is the chiffon belt that adorns the brooch.

Vintage chiffon for the bride

Short knit lace dress

A bold decision for a modern bride is considered to be the choice in favor of a short outfit. The length of a wedding dress in vintage style can reach the knees, but not cross the permitted line. Therefore, among vintage dresses you can not find ultra-short options. In order to emphasize the style of the previous era, stylists recommend using knitted lace for sewing a wedding dress. With this material, the bride will be able to emphasize her romance and sexuality..

Short vintage bridesmaid dress

What else to complement the image of a bride in vintage style?

The accessories used to complement the look of the bride and groom will help you convey the vintage style to the maximum. You can convey a stunning vintage look with the help of a correctly selected make-up, stylized hairstyle, as well as accessories that harmoniously fit into the image of the bride. For a wedding dress in vintage style, it is recommended to choose the following attributes:

  1. Veil. To decorate the wedding hairstyle, the bride and groom, in addition to the traditional veil, can use a veil or a hat. These accessories are made for the selected dress, taking into account the color scheme and the preferences of the bride. The decor is made of lace, tulle, beads, beads, feathers.
  2. Lacy bezel. Hair can be decorated with a thin or wide lace rim. To properly maintain the vintage style, this accessory is lowered to the middle of the forehead.
  3. Veil pirate. The shape of the accessory resembles an openwork cap, which is decorated with flowers on both sides. With the help of a pirate veil, the bride will be able to decorate short hair or long curls.
  4. Elegant hairpin. Vintage curls will be decorated with retro-style accessories. To do this, you need to select a hairpin that is complemented by silver stones, feathers, large beads. If the hair of the bride and groom will be decorated with a large flower, then you should abandon the use of traditional veils.
  5. Gloves. Fishnet gloves will become an additional accessory for the bride. Their length can reach the elbows or end on the wrist. The edges of the accessory are framed with satin ribbon or textured lace. According to the rules of wedding etiquette, during painting at the registry office, gloves must be removed.
  6. Bolero. If the wedding is planned for the autumn-winter period, then a wrap resembling a bolero will help to warm up.
  7. Shoes. For a vintage look, you need to choose shoes with medium heels. Avoid pointy stilettos and open flat sandals. A bow or satin ribbon that is tied at the ankle will become a decoration of wedding shoes in vintage style..
  8. Beads. Beads are used to decorate the neckline. This accessory is made of large or small pearls.
  9. Clutch bag. Properly matched to the tone, a small handbag will become an indispensable attribute for a girl to store personal items.
  10. Bouquet. To maintain the vintage style, the bride and groom prefer to use artificial flowers, which are decorated with brooches, beads, beads..

Photos of vintage wedding dresses 2016

If you can’t find a suitable model for a vintage dress, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the options in the photo below. The presented assortment of wedding dresses will help you determine the style of the outfit that will be remembered by the guests present for a long time. Choosing a vintage theme for the upcoming celebration as a basis, the bride and groom will be able to emphasize the individuality of the holiday and family traditions.