Elite Wedding Dresses


On a significant wedding day, every bride tries to look unique. The first place in preparation for the upcoming event is occupied by the choice of the perfect outfit. An unusual cut, skillfully selected color and expensive decor make wedding dresses exclusive, able to attract the admiring glances of others. The bride, standing in front of the altar in an elite outfit, turns into a real queen of the long-awaited celebration.

Expensive wedding dress

What materials are used for sewing luxury dresses?

To convey all the elegance and luxury of elite dresses, world designers use expensive fabrics, hand embroidery and exclusive precious jewelry. The cost of a couture dress can reach several thousand dollars, but this does not become an obstacle for modern brides. The desire to appear at their own wedding in exclusive attire makes the girls not pay attention to the price. It’s not customary to save money on a wedding dress, as it will be captured on photographs that will remain in the album for life.

Luxurious bridesmaid dresses

Rare and valuable fabrics

For sewing luxury dresses, world designers use expensive, rare fabrics. Using a combination of materials of different textures, it turns out to emphasize all the luxury of the created masterpiece. In addition to the traditional satin, fashion designers use exquisite French lace, air tulle, brocade, organza, natural silk, which are able to convey exclusivity to the style.

Lace Wedding Dress

Expensive jewelry

Elite dresses are decorated with precious jewelry. For this, Swarovski crystals, pearls, sequins, feathers of rare birds are used. At the request of the client, the dress can be decorated with real diamonds or white gold. The sparkle of expensive jewelry will turn an elite outfit into an unforgettable masterpiece. Many brides would like to be the happy owner of this dazzling and magnificent dress.

Costly jewelery on a newlywed corset

Hand embroidery

Using hand embroidery to decorate the wedding dress makes it luxurious and sophisticated. Such decoration can serve as decor for a corset, sleeves, collar or hem of the outfit. On elite wedding dresses, delicate manual work is carried out personally by a fashion designer who is the author of his own design. With such an original and authentic decor, the bride will be able to make the image memorable and exclusive..

Hand embroidery on the corset of the bride

Interesting models of luxury wedding dresses

Each elite dress is a work of art, and the girl in it is a queen. In order to choose the style most successfully, you need to visit the salon a month before the wedding and try on all the options presented. Only in this way can you determine for yourself the perfect model of an elite dress. Modern wedding fashion trends offer a lot of options that amaze with their luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity. The collection of luxury haute couture dresses features long, short, lace dresses that you can pick up for any figure.

Short lace dress

For sewing wedding dresses, most modern designers use lace. This transparent and openwork material can favorably emphasize the figure of the bride and groom, emphasizing elegance and sexuality. The lace that is used in luxury dresses is exclusive and is made exclusively for a certain brand. Subtle and delicate texture is able to convey all the romance and femininity of the chosen style of the bride and groom.

Brave and young girls try to give preference to a mini-dress, completely covered with lace. It is ideal for a ceremony held in the summer outdoors. If the wedding is planned in the winter, then the mini-dress should be abandoned or use the option with closed shoulders or long sleeves. The bride who chose an elite short dress should have a perfect figure and high growth, because all the attention of the guests present will be riveted to her legs and bends of the waist.

A bold solution will be a tight-fitting lace mini dress, which is sewn without using a satin lining. The asymmetric cut of the bodice, which rests on thin straps, will also help to stand out. To decorate lace attire, stylists recommend using a small accessory located at the waist in the form of a thin belt or brooch.

Lace mini dress for the bride

Transformer dress with a removable train

An ideal option for creating an elegant, luxurious image of the bride will be a transformer wedding dress. It differs from traditional one-piece dresses in that the bride can easily remove some details and completely transform the style. If the girl prefers to surprise all the guests present during the ceremony with a long, chic skirt, then she should give preference to a transformer dress with a removable train. After the official event, this catchy part is easy to disconnect and turn into a convenient masterpiece..

The bodice of the transformer dress can complement the V-shaped neckline, which is decorated with volumetric embroidery or loose stones. If a girl wants to focus on her legs, then you should give preference along with a shortened hem at the front, but a long multi-layered train at the back. The top of such a transforming dress is complemented by transparent sleeves, a high neckline in type «boat» and large lace appliques on the chest.

Transformer dress with a removable train for the bride

A-line with a skirt of delicate fluffy tulle

If the bride wants to emphasize the waist line, then stylists recommend giving preference to A-line wedding dresses. Their style is easily recognizable by the tight-fitting top and the trapezoidal skirt, which smoothly reaches the floor. With the help of such a silhouette, it will be possible to hide the imperfections of the hips under the delicate magnificent tulle and focus on a strict bodice. The fabric used for sewing luxury A-line dresses allows you to create the impression of grace, lightness of the image. Slender, but short brides, such a dress will visually increase growth due to the straight cut of the skirt.

When choosing an elite A-line dress, stylists recommend giving preference to a masterpiece without additional decor, relying on the nobility of expensive fabric. Therefore, it is worthwhile to refrain from models where the corset drapery or magnificent flounce on the skirt is made. You can convey elegance with a simple, refined cut, which will emphasize the quality of the fabric. A wedding outfit with an asymmetrical top or a strict satin belt will look especially advantageous..

To complement the delicate image of the bride, you do not need many accessories. A thin gold bracelet, luxury diamond earrings and carnations will be the perfect solution for the bride and groom. Collected hair in a tight bun must be framed with a floor-length veil. And when doing makeup, it is worth sticking to pastel colors. Delicate cream or beige shades will harmonize with the magnificent tulle of the wedding skirt, creating an airy image of the bride and groom.

A-line outfit for the bride

With an open back and a deep neckline

An original solution for creating a wedding look is a dress that adorns a deep neckline and an open back. Such a bold outfit is suitable for young girls who are without complexes and are not afraid to appear in public in revealing attire. The maximum open top will allow the bride and groom to avoid discomfort on a hot summer day, and the use of translucent, openwork fabrics that cover the dense fabric of the corset will help not to look vulgar.

An open neckline against a sensual lace bodice creates the illusion of transparency of the entire upper bodice. The back is touchingly exposed by a deep rounded neckline, which is decorated at the edges with delicate appliqués. The attention of guests is guaranteed to be riveted to your image. The bottom of such clothing is usually done according to all the rules of strictness, avoiding mini-length.

Elite dresses for the bride

Photo selection of elite bridesmaid dresses 2016

You can appreciate all the grandeur and beauty of elite dresses by looking at the photo below. The presented assortment of luxurious and aristocratic outfits surprises with its perfection and style thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, before you go to the bridal salon, you must carefully study the various options for dresses for the bride. A well-chosen dress will long remain in the memory of loved ones.