Wedding dress for small breasts


Which girl about to get married doesn’t dream of correcting something in her figure? Most owners of a magnificent bust are not averse to reducing volumes, and fragile, graceful beauties are often ready to lie under the scalpel of a surgeon for the sake of the cherished 90 or more. Try adjusting your desired sizes by choosing «the right ones» styles of wedding clothes. One of the areas of the fashion industry, including the wedding one, was the creation by designers of collections for a small bust. Exquisite outfits focus on the graceful lines of the figure, increasing visually the chest.

Styles of wedding dresses for small breasts

What styles of dresses for brides are suitable for owners of a small breast? Fashion designers offer style robes for girls with modest bust parameters. «Empire» or Greek direction. A small neckline, draperies, and an oversized waist line visually add extra volume to the neckline. The use of large parts, an asymmetric cut for dresses of this style skillfully divert attention from the problem area, emphasizing the grace and beauty of the fragile figure of the bride and groom.

Outfits for small breasts

But what should the bride do if the Greek style of the wedding attire is not her option? When choosing possible styles in the cabin, pay attention to models with:

  • low neck boat opening the upper part of the shoulders;
  • armhole-american and stand-up collar;
  • figuratively carved corsets, crystals, beads richly embroidered in the neckline;
  • neckline «Sabrina» under the throat;
  • many vertical, horizontal draperies.

Shapes for small breasts

No less important when choosing a wedding attire for a newlywed woman with a small breast is a perfectly fitting bra. A push-up model with supporting foam or gel filler lifts the chest and increases size. For styles of dresses with an open back, where a bra is not provided, special cups are sewn, acting according to the same push-up system.

Open Back Outfits

What styles, in addition to Greek, will visually enlarge a small bust of a newlywed, emphasize the lovely curves of a slim figure and turn a bride into a fairy fairy? Short in shape, flowing silk style of the 30s, A-style and silhouette «Mermaid» - the choice of models is almost unlimited. Bows and flowers, asymmetric lines of decor and ruffles, wide shuttlecocks and lush sleeves will create additional volume in the chest area. Avoid long skinny styles with an accent in the neckline.

Outfits for brides with small breasts

Visually increase the small bust will help fur trim wedding attire along the neckline. Natural furs give the aristocracy the image of a newlywed. Such a style looks amazing on the owners of narrow shoulders, hiding the flaws of the figure. In the cold season, a fur cape or bolero brightly emphasize the chest line, giving visually additional centimeters of volume.

Wrap wedding dress

Exquisite beadwork on an air chiffon wrap will be the decoration of a wedding outfit. A light, weightless fabric will envelop the girl’s body with the thinnest cobweb and give visually additional volume in the neckline. Designers offer similar models for very slim newlyweds with a small bust size. Long handmade lace, seamlessly turning into a train, emphasize the grace of a young beauty, give solemnity and aristocracy.

Cape Models

A wedding bolero is a spectacular detail of a newlywed outfit with small breasts. The leading couturiers at the shows of the collections of the 2016 season successfully combine this accessory with unusual models and styles of dresses. The use of identical fabrics, soft cut lines, an emphasis on the sleeves and the chest line are the advantages of this mini-jacket. Additional voluminous details of the bolero - bows, large clasps - visually increase the bust of the bride, adding the necessary centimeters.

With additional details on the chest line

Chest Draped Robes

With small breast sizes, your preferences are far from style. «Empire»? Choose a sophisticated dress with a deep neckline, bodice, corset and a full skirt. A stylish bow clasp, a lace cape will add the desired centimeters to the modest size of the bust. An asymmetrical neckline, decorated with a sophisticated insert of gathered pleats, will balance the A-silhouette of a wedding dress model. For owners of a small breast, tender models with 3D decor of flowers are suitable. Dresses for the bride, embroidered in the neckline with Swarovski crystals, voluminous embroidery, look spectacular.

The bodice of the dress is draped with lace or embroidery.

Outfits of brides with lace and lace bodice

A variety of draperies - vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical - emphasize the grace of the bride, give a stylish look to the look. The finest lace, gathered in small folds in the chest area, gently wrap the fragile figure of the bride and groom. Bright embroidery with beads, volumetric threads of silver or gold color will become an exquisite decor of a dress for a wedding. Small breasts in such models visually look more voluminous, delighting the owner of the outfit and delighting those present.

Sleeveless wedding dress

Sleeved models

The lush sleeves of a wedding robe up to the elbow length are ideal for girls with a narrow chest and a small breast size. Spectacular flashlights and neckline «boat» with bare shoulders they will decorate the owner of a modest bust, emphasize the style of the wedding. Openwork bolero with short sleeves create an additional emphasis on the neckline. Greek refined tunics - bride's outfits with sleeves «the petals» - turn a young beauty into a real goddess. Lantern Sleeve Style Wedding Dress «Princess» the gentle fairytale image of the newlywed is emphasized.

Dress with an asymmetric cut

Asymmetric styles

Asymmetrical decor of the upper part of the wedding dress is ideal for brides with small breasts. Designer finds - unusual bows, draperies cut along the oblique - create additional volume for the neckline. Shuttlecocks and ruffles of various lengths, decorated with rhinestones, beads and embroidery, balance the lush part of the bottom of the dress, visually increasing the chest.

Models with color inserts look impressive and expressive on the owners of a small bust - draperies, «wrong» the cut of the bodice, feathers or fur give the wedding dress a catchy look, and its owner - the desired centimeters in the neckline. Famous couturiers in the 2016 season give preference directly to models with an unusual design, relying on a harmonious combination of grace of the fragile figure of the bride and large non-standard dress details.

Loose cut wedding dress

Wedding outfits

The free cut of the bride’s outfit emphasizes the exquisite nobility of silk fabrics, iridescent satin, flowing chiffon. Greek-style dresses flowing in light waves cover the neckline from the shoulder, give volume to the slender forms of the bride and groom. Elegant collar collar on a silk dress or style wedding suit «mafia» subtly and gracefully hides the bride’s small breasts. Flowing pleats of fabric playing with sun glare on a style dress «Empire», visually increase the girl’s bust by at least one size.

Photo of wedding dresses for small breasts

Famous couturiers, provincial fashion designers, and amateur designers pay special attention to sewing models and styles of wedding dresses for brides with small breast sizes. The wealth of imagination, the ability of the newlywed figure to look stylish and spectacular in unusual sophisticated outfits led to a huge offer in the wedding fashion market. How not to get confused in all the variety of offers? Our photos will help young beauties with small breasts choose a wedding dress in which the bride feels comfortable and looks like a queen.

Wedding dresses for small breasts