Wedding dress transformer photo


Each bride thinks about her comfort at a wedding celebration, because she will not only have a registry office, but also a walk with guests, evening dances and other events. The grandiose magnificent dress looks beautiful, but deprives convenience, however the girl does not need to refuse such an option. A transformer wedding dress will help her in this: photos of various styles will be presented below.

What is a transformer dress

This wedding model, as a rule, is a short outfit to which a fluffy skirt or train is attached using special hooks, snakes, clasps or buttons. It allows the bride to transform her decoration during the wedding - the voluminous skirt is removed after the wedding ceremony, exposing the legs and giving the opportunity to feel freer. Take a closer look at the transformers in the video:

Features and Benefits

A transformer dress has several significant advantages over an ordinary fluffy or short outfit:

  • It is practical. The long outfit is ideal for painting spouses and a photo shoot, and after the official part it will turn into an elegant cocktail dress, which is perfect for a banquet.
  • Such a wedding decoration will allow the bride to change her image during the holiday - guests will appreciate her creativity when the long hem slides and her slim legs open.
  • It's cheaper. Girls do not have to buy two outfits to feel comfortable.
  • If you want to have a wedding, but you don’t like a long skirt, a transformer dress will help to observe church traditions and stay in shape.

Models with a detachable skirt


Such a chic wedding model has its drawbacks:

  • There is always a risk that someone will step on a skirt or on a long train, and reveal the secret of the dress ahead of time.
  • Transformers are only gaining popularity, so not every seamstress will take up sewing such a model. However, designers, following a new trend, create transformer dresses, so the bride has the opportunity to purchase one of them in salons. For example, the papilio brand, produces good quality transformer wedding dresses.

Options for dresses transformers

Changeable bodice

Some transformers provide for changing the look of the bodice. It can be delicate chiffon and lace, which are removed and worn, or even the transformation of the top with a lower skirt. You can find options with retractable straps.

Variable Top

Detachable train skirt

A light, airy skirt-train will make the queen of the bride at the celebration. She can hide the short skirt of the dress or open it slightly, going back.

Removable cables

A la mermaid (a year)

The mermaid model will emphasize the feminine, slender figure of the bride, and the detachable lower skirt will make her feel comfortable after the ceremony. It should be remembered that this option is most suitable for brides with an ideal physique.

Little mermaid with removable parts

2 length options

Modern girls are increasingly abandoning the traditional classic models of wedding dresses, preferring short and comfortable. But many of them are planning a wedding ceremony in the church. In this case, a short length is not allowed. With 2 lengths, the transformer dress will be the perfect outfit.

Length change

Add-ons and Accessories

To look equally elegant in both versions of the transformer dress, you need to wisely approach the use of accessories. Shoes, jewelry and hair should be perfect for all its variations. Gloves should be carefully selected - with different lengths they will look different. At the wedding celebration, the owners of the transformer dress will be able to show everyone their originality and unusual taste, and its convenience will allow them to feel free throughout the holiday.

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