Floral Wedding Dresses


Modern brides dream of a unique and beautiful wedding dress. Floral wedding dresses are an ideal option for girls who prefer an original and fashionable style of dress. The wedding dress with patterns looks gorgeous and feminine. Images or applications of roses, lilies on a wedding dress are perfect for the romantic image of a woman. What models should I look for when choosing a bright outfit with a floral pattern? How to choose accessories for it?

Models of wedding dresses with floral print

The decoration of the bride and groom in «flower» Is a fashion trend of 2016. Collections of famous designers are full of floral motifs in clothes for brides. A cute image of roses, daisies, cornflowers on a festive robe will emphasize the tenderness and charm of the girl. It will look intriguing and will surely amaze the guests of the celebration. The theme of flowers in wedding clothes is appropriate for the holiday, which is scheduled for the summer season and will be held in the garden or park..

If for you a bright image is too bold, pay attention to the white outfit, partially decorated with a pattern of buds. It harmoniously combines the classic style of wedding clothes and fashionable decor, which perfectly emphasizes the delicate taste and purity of the girl. The bridal look for a bride and groom with a pattern of flowers looks bold, bright. They can be of a different palette - from bright to pastel colors.

Clothing in this style will help to give the bride an individual look, effectively distinguishing her from other young women walking down the aisle. A special riot of colors are different mix models. They combine several materials, one of which is plain (lace, organza, silk, taffeta, satin, chiffon), and the other has a picture of flowers. The newlywed, dressed in a mix style, will radiate fun, joy and a bright spring mood. And tastefully selected accessories will complement her image..

Bright floral print throughout the dress

The unusual and bold personality of a woman will be emphasized by the wedding model in a total print. For her tailoring, fabrics fully dotted with drawings of bright colors on a white or light background are suitable, and the style of the dress can be any. The total print looks great on a short, ball, Greek, vintage bride's robe. The combination of colorful fabric and harmonious accessories will make the bride spectacular and unique.

Wedding buds

Delicate pastel color print

Along with flowers that adorn only part of the bride’s clothes, pastel shades will give her image a special tenderness, romance. Of particular interest is the asymmetric arrangement of color images. Fashionable shades of drawings are pale pink, blue, beige. A gentle pattern of pastel colors can cover the entire fabric of the model or its individual elements (train, bottom of the skirt, neckline).

Fancy models

Floral appliqués at the waist or neck

Flower applications on wedding models remain the trendy trend of 2016. Decorative accessories in the form of closed and open buds will beautifully emphasize the girl’s figure and give her image a special femininity. Small flowers of white or any bright shade can be located in the neckline, and appliqués from blossoming buds of different sizes look quite appropriate on the waist line. An outfit of this kind of bride will amaze the groom and guests with its creativity, beauty.

Appliqués of buds

Large print on the hem of the skirt

The image of large flowers on the fabric gives it a special luxury and exclusivity. A large pattern on the skirt can be done in any shade. Huge flowers on the hem can be located rim on its bottom or be randomly scattered on its surface to the line of the hips. Large drawings will look great in a magnificent, direct, Greek wedding dress. The skirt with large flowers looks charming and stylish..

Large Skirt Hem

What accessories will fit a floral print dress??

For the model with a floral pattern, you need to choose the right accessories. These details should complement and emphasize the image of the bride. Hair ornaments with flowers will perfectly combine with the style of patterned clothing. Such accessories will give the young woman more tenderness, romance. A wreath, pattern or rim with flowers will perfectly decorate the bride’s hairstyle and will look great.

Especially spectacular, fashionable on the girl’s head will be a diadem of flowers. And a young woman in a veil decorated with white buds turns into a fairy princess. To complete the stylish image of the newlywed, shoes with flowers in the form of embroidery or applique are suitable. Other accessories can decorate the drawings of blossoming buds: stockings, tights, a garter or underwear of the bride.

Print Outfit Accessories

Shoes and veil

Photos of wedding dresses with floral print 2016

In floral clothing, the newlywed transforms into a forest nymph, and her image becomes mysterious, tender, romantic. It is suitable for a spring or summer wedding, which will take place outdoors. Designers in their wedding collections 2016 presented many models with patterns and appliqués of buds. If you choose the right accessories for such wedding clothes, then the image of the newlywed will be fashionable, effective. When choosing a holiday party with a picture, consider several points:

  • For chubby brides, it is better to choose a color with small or medium patterns that are sparsely located on the surface of the material.
  • Models with large drawings are perfect for girls with perfect shapes.
  • The brighter the pattern on the clothes, the easier should be its style. Otherwise, a young woman risks her appearance being tasteless and ridiculous..

Bright outfits

White classics and rustic style

Fancy patterns