Wedding in the style of the saga "Twilight"


A romantic love story of a vampire Edward and an ordinary girl Bella from the famous film «Dusk», perhaps I did not leave indifferent any person who read or watched the popular vampire saga. And after thousands of fans saw the wedding ceremony of Bella and Edward on large screens, many wedding salons added themed themed weddings to their pricelist.

Twilight wedding

If you have definitely decided to hold a wedding in the style of the famous blockbuster, you should think over the celebration scenario in advance. Of course, you can entrust this business to professionals who take care of all the details. However, you can directly participate in the organization of the ceremony. Moreover, it can be no less exciting than watching the movie itself! The portal will tell you what to look for and how to make a wedding in the style of a vampire saga memorable and romantic..

First of all, do not forget that at the wedding, despite the presence of sinister vampires, there is no place for gloomy Gothic, ancient candelabra and bloody velvet. On the contrary - at a wedding in style «Dusk» should be present romance with a touch of luxury and light vintage.

Wedding in the lap of nature

Entourage for a wedding in the style of a vampire saga - a forest, a park or a garden. The bride should walk to the altar along a natural path of moss and fresh flowers. In the film, the keynote of the wedding ceremony is wisteria. However, since it is not easy to get this flower in our area, it can be replaced with any purple or lilac hue..

Thus, in the design palette of the wedding ceremony, you can use one or two main shades - green and purple. These colors will sound especially spectacular in the evening against the backdrop of nature after sunset..

The wedding portal also recommends emphasizing the atmosphere of mystery and mystery with the help of flashlights, garlands of light bulbs and candles.

Twilight wedding
Twilight Field Check-In

Color palette

One of the most important moments when organizing a thematic wedding - wedding colors. Despite the fact that black should be treated with caution, even when preparing a vampire wedding, you should not completely abandon it. In this case, you can find a reasonable compromise and find a stylish color scheme with the presence of black, red and white. Some trendsetters of bridal fashion offer a combination of dark brown, white, beige and green for such a themed wedding..

Wedding Room Decor

Wedding Decor & Accessories

In the design of the wedding table, it is ideal to use a white and green palette. For example, on snow-white tablecloths, plates and glasses made of green glass will look very stylish. As a decor, you can use small bouquets of snow-white flowers, and landing cards in the form of real green apples with the names of guests will look very original.

Wedding invitations can be made in vintage style - on stylized paper decorated with old monograms. Retro pillows can also be used engagement rings. At the same time, it is important that all accessories are in the same style..

Decor in the style of the Twilight movie
Table decor

The image of the newlyweds

Of course, the key moment of the wedding ceremony is the outfits of the newlyweds. In the film, the heroine Kristen Stewart appeared in a silk dress created by designer Carolina Herrera. This is an example of sensuality and refinement, however, despite the originality, any bride can recreate such a model if desired. The dress is characterized by a tight-fitting silhouette with an open back, which is covered only with lace and transparent fabric. Also, the outfit of the vampire bride is decorated with a long veil.

Equally important to complete the image are accessories, hairstyle and wedding make-up the bride. For example, in the film itself, Bella chose a simple unpretentious hairstyle, consisting of two braids on the sides and hair gathered below. The image complements the invisible makeup: attention should be focused on the perfect skin color. It is recommended to use light shades and lip gloss in natural shades..

Groom at a wedding in «twilight» style can stay on a regular tuxedo or tailcoat in black. A similar dress code is recommended for all male guests..

Wedding Dress
Twilight Style Wedding Dress
Accessories for the bride
The image of the bride
Twilight Bride Shoes
Newlyweds in the style of the Twilight movie

Such themed wedding will take you and your guests to a magical world in which love turns out to be an all-conquering force, and the ceremony itself will become a real fairy tale.