The Great Gatsby Style Wedding: Chic and Shine


Wedding style allows you to create an amazing wedding mood. There are many wedding styles. Some newlyweds choose an exotic style, adding to the wedding of Jamaican traditions. Others prefer the style of any era, for example, the style of the Middle Ages, 60s or 70s. Recently, however, weddings in the style of different films are gaining popularity among newlyweds..

One of the trends of this year will be the wedding celebration in the style of "The Great Gatsby." This film was shot according to the book of the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The book was published back in 1925 and several times attempts were made to film it. In 2013, a film of the same name was released, which impressed the audience and became one of the favorite films of our time. The film made a splash, and now young couples seek to feel in the role of the main characters and beat the plot or idea of ​​the film.

The image of the newlyweds in the style of the Great Gatsby

Images of the newlyweds for a stylized wedding

As in any stylized event, at the wedding in the style of cinema, you need to choose outfits similar to the outfits of the main characters. The bride act as Gatsby's sweetheart - young Daisy. The groom himself will act as the main character. Daisy is a gentle, gentle fashionista. Gatsby is an intelligent, romantic, stylish handsome. Try to repeat the style of the heroes as accurately as possible. To do this, it is enough to carefully watch the film to feel its mood and intent.

Newlyweds in the style of the Great Gatsby

Outfit for the groom in the Gatsby style you can pick up in a specialized store or sew to order in the studio. If you were unable to sew a special suit, just add a few details to the classic jacket - a bow tie, cufflinks and a buttonhole.

Newlyweds in the style of the Great Gatsby

Newlyweds in the style of the Great Gatsby

The bride’s outfit must be brought closer to the style of that time. Try to choose a tight-fitting dress with lace, because pomp was not a trend in those years. Top may be closed.

The Great Gatsby Style Bride

Newlyweds in the style of the Great Gatsby

The image of the bride in the style of the Great Gatsby

Also choose the right accessories, such as lace gloves and a hair band. An elegant bouquet will be the final touch of a wedding look!

Handbag bride

Bridal bouquet in the style of the Great Gatsby

As for the hairstyle, it is best to collect the hair and style it in waves, as it was in Daisy's.

Makeup and hairstyle bride

The Great Gatsby Style Bride

As for the guests, inform them in advance about the theme of the wedding, so that they pick up accessories and dresses according to the style.

Great Gatsby's Bridesmaids

Wedding Hall Decoration

The general design of the hall should also be maintained in an appropriate style. Remember the parties at Gatsby: they were distinguished by their pomp, pomposity and chic. Try to repeat the style in banquet room for a wedding. Decorate it with furniture in the style of the 20s or 30s. Add cute tables with high legs, on which champagne glasses will stand in abundance..

Great Gatsby Decor

Great Gatsby Decor

Great Gatsby Decor

Dishes should also be varied and not made in the traditional style, but rather, with a touch of aristocracy. Choose the right dishes and do an exquisite serving, as was customary in the 20-30s.

Great Gatsby Decor

Great Gatsby Decor

The main decoration of the wedding celebration should be a luxurious cake with many decorations.

Candy bar

The Great Gatsby Wedding Cake

Wedding accessories

Accessories for such a luxurious wedding should be bewitching with its beauty and splendor.

Great Gatsby Invitations

Table number

Entertainment for guests

In order to diversify the wedding evening, invite a cabaret show to the wedding, which will fit well into the overall style. You can also order bright fireworks to end the wedding evening. Guests should plunge into the atmosphere of fantasy and luxury. A good option would be a fire show that will excite both guests and newlyweds..

Wedding fireworks

Other details

As a wedding procession, choose retro cars that will be the highlight of your wedding celebration.

Retro car for the wedding in the style of the Great Gatsby

Be sure to take care of the music. Mostly choose jazz compositions. It is logical that pop music or rock simply does not fit into the general atmosphere of the wedding celebration. It is best to order musicians for the wedding performing live music, because it is much more colorful than music from a tape recorder.

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