Wedding based on the movie "Hipsters": fun and bright colors


Surely each of us saw the movie "Hipsters." Remember how, together with the dancing actors, you yourself wanted to dance in these bright and attractive outfits? The wedding portal believes that it is time to fulfill dreams and desires! Design your wedding in the style of "dudes". After all, here you can put on enchanting dresses of the 70s of the last century, plunge into the general atmosphere of those times. Your wedding will be filled with bright colors and personality. After all, this was absolutely necessary for any dude.

Hipster style wedding

Invitation and other wedding accessories

Any wedding begins with invitations. The presented invitations will allow guests to understand the style of the wedding, its idea. Therefore, guests will try to adhere to a given wedding theme. Since your wedding will be unusual, then the invitations should not be standard and boring. What is most associated with the 70s? Namely, vinyl records. On them you can put your invitation.

Also, as an invitation, you can give out a joint photo, previously in Photoshop “aging it”. In general, show your imagination, the main thing is do not forget to adhere to the "stylish" style.

Original invitations

Stylish dude invitation

Do not forget about other accessories, in particular, banquet cards, bonbonnieres, glasses, etc. They must be fully consistent with the theme of celebration..

Glasses in the Style Style

Style Accessories

Wedding dresses of the newlyweds

Perhaps, if the young will be dressed in a traditional, fluffy long dress and a formal suit, then the whole wedding idea will simply disappear. You do not want this? For the bride it is worth picking a cropped dress with a full skirt. Remember that there is no need to amaze guests with an abundance of jewelry and decoration on the dress.

A wedding in the "Stylish" style allows the bride to put on a white dress (shortened and lush), but to maintain the theme it is worth decorating the dress with a bright satin belt, and also weaving a ribbon matching the color of the belt into the hair. It is usually red, purple or blue. Handbag and shoes also should be bright and catchy. Moreover, a high heel is a must! Do not forget about stockings and bright jewelry. As a rule, “stylish” brides make a simple hairstyle, and in make-up they emphasize the eyes with arrows and lips with bright lipstick.

Do not forget about the groom. Naturally, the image of the groom must also correspond to the given style and bride. It is important that the elements of the suit of the groom be compatible with the clothes of the bride. For example, if the bride decorated the dress with a red belt, then the groom can put on a red tie. If we talk about trousers, then it is definitely worth noting that they should be sewn from checkered fabric, and the color can be any, even the most catchy.

Returning to the tie, I would like to note that his shape should be "herring", as in the good old days. The most important part of the groom's kit is patent-leather pointed shoes and bright socks. If the length of the hair allows, then you can make a hairstyle a la Elvis Presley. But, I note, this is not a mandatory moment..

Newlyweds in the style of dudes

Hipster style wedding

Hipster style wedding

Guest outfits

As mentioned above, it is worthwhile to warn your guests in advance about the theme of the wedding. After all, this information will allow guests to dress up in such a way so as not to break the wedding style. Here, the brightness and catchiness of clothes, the presence of short fluffy skirts and trousers-pipes is important.

Female guests can make a bright evening make-up, which is unlikely to be decided in ordinary life. It’s great if ladies weave ribbons or hoops of bright colors into their hair.

But you, as the culprits of this celebration, need to prudently prepare and put a table at the entrance, where guests will be offered bright jewelry, original ties, glasses and other accessories of the 70s. So you allow each guest to plunge into past times.

Guests in the Style

Thematic guests

Wedding procession

As you already understood, cars must also inform everyone around about the style of your wedding. For example, advises to "assemble" a wedding procession from the domestic "Volga" and "Victory". Do not forget to brightly, but tastefully decorate wedding cars. You can surprise your guests with a rented tram that will take you around your favorite city.

Hipster style wedding car

Wedding Hall Decor

The main elements of the decoration of the wedding hall are vinyl records, bright ribbons and other colorful attributes.

Décor style decor

Décor style decor

Décor style decor

Musical accompaniment

Wedding style prohibits standard music. Rock and roll, blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and many other musical styles correspond to the dudes. Moreover, the music should be incendiary and cause an ongoing desire to dance in everyone present. In addition, the first dance performed in any of these genres will be remembered by guests for a long time. In order not to hit the dirt in the face, it’s worth preliminarily resembling a master class where you master the dancing skills of dudes. By the way, so that the guests do not feel agile due to the inability to dance, invite an instructor who will help you learn some movements to your guests.