Hippie style wedding: positive and vibrant!


If you are a fan of one style or movement, you do not have to arrange your wedding in the usual classic version. Feel free to transfer your hobby or passion to wedding decoration. One of the trendy youth movements is hippies. If you support the ideas of this movement or just long dreamed of feeling like a hippie, then a wedding is the best opportunity to realize them.

A bit of history

Like any subculture, hippies have their own roots and history. The main idea that hippies advocate is love and peace, getting rid of violence, spiritual unity of people who are one big family. Hippies have their own symbolism, as well as their own special style. In everything, equality and freedom, unity with nature and freedom of spirit are recognized. If you like hippie ideas and their style, you can safely plan your celebration, which will become a bright moment of your life! Most importantly, learn more about style and movement to maximize your hippie look.!

Images of the newlyweds

One of the hallmarks of hippies is the simplicity of clothing and style. They wear loose clothing that does not constrain movement. Jeans are a staple of hippy clothing. If you choose a similar wedding look for yourself, of course, you should be more careful when choosing wedding attire. A simple cotton dress is suitable for the bride, you can translucent.

Hippie wedding dress

If you want to add a certain denim element, it can be a denim vest or boots. The dress can be long or short, depending on your preference, the main thing is to avoid luxury and chic, because in this style they are superfluous. As for shoes, it all depends on where exactly your wedding takes place. If you spend your celebration outdoors in the warm season, feel free to give up any shoes. True hippies walk barefoot and are not afraid of the cold.

Hippie-style wedding image of the newlyweds

If barefoot wedding is an unthinkable idea, you can choose light ballet shoes or sandals to feel more comfortable.

The image of the groom should also match the hippie style. A black suit and tie are inappropriate here. Put on a light shirt made of thin material and light trousers, you can jeans. From shoes, also limit yourself to light shoes, but rather, support the tradition and stay barefoot. The website www.articlewedding.com will tell you about how to create a unique image for your wedding..

Some more important details

One of the features of hippies is a bandage over the hair. This symbolizes that a person belongs to the hippie movement. In wedding fashion, you can also use such an accessory..

Hippie Wedding Hairstyle

The main thing is that she covers her forehead a little. The bandage can be decorated with bright colors to a little more match the wedding look. In addition to the bandages in the hair, hippies wear various bracelets and baubles. If you want to match hippies, also choose colorful Wedding accessories.

Hippie Wedding Hairstyle

Photography Ideas

In order to make photography especially unusual and beautiful, choose old places for a photo shoot. It can be an abandoned rural house full of antiques or just a beautiful place in nature.

Hippie style

Hippies also travel by hitchhiking or in their car, so you can stylize a car as a hippy and go take a photo with it. You'll find many more wedding photo shoot ideas at www.articlewedding.com.

The hippie style will give your wedding a sense of contact with nature, a feeling of love and tenderness. You can fully feel yourself loving and loved! Add new emotions and bright mood to your wedding!