Writing an oath of love on our own


Relatively recently, we have developed a wedding tradition of preparing vows of love: original, funny, touching, absurd and sometimes even incomprehensible. Some people wonder where to buy such an oath, and we at www.articlewedding.com for a creative approach to everything, especially weddings, and therefore we offer our own version of writing oaths.

To begin with, understand that an oath is not a promise to other people to be a good family, but a promise to continue to love each other. Do not ask your friend, girlfriend to take their oath to you, but write down the points below and describe them. So it will be easier for you to work on an oath.

An oath is an intimate moment of two hearts

What is worth saying in oath?

  • First acquaintance (where it was, who introduced it, etc.).
  • First date.
  • Favorite habits that only you know.
  • Common events, traditions.

Having answered each item, it’s worthwhile to think in detail about the genre of the word: comedy or drama. If this is a comedy, then in the oath it is worth mentioning the most unusual things more often, for example, promise your soul mate to love even when he (she) learns to sew clothes up himself (repair the car). The drama genre is much simpler - say everything that was in your heart.

So, we answered four points and decided on the genre of oaths. Next, you should choose what exactly will be the first in your promise. This may be a few lines about how you realized that you love your soul mate. If you already go the original way, it’s better to say a few words of thanks to the half’s parents and promise to take care as well as they did. Further on, the oath itself goes directly to the entry. From the last two points, take the most important things you have in common and promise to keep them in the future. Promise that you will accept all the strange habits and even try to repeat them yourself. No one will expect this, especially your favorite (beloved). You can complete this creation with the phrase «and I will love you forever», either by giving his oath with the words «and if I forget something, be sure to remind me, because I love you very much».

To better clarify the picture of the oath in our head, we give an example of the points:

  • A couple of lines about acquaintance, or thanks to parents.
  • Oath.
  • Handing over the text itself.

Your vow should not be more than 2-3 minutes. It must be a living, sincere oath. You can contact the actors or the leaders of theatrical circles to help you learn the text. Be sure to train your speech in front of a close friend, or in front of your parents, so that during the wedding ceremony you do not accidentally fall into a stupor. And be sure to arrange in advance in the registry office or in the church, so that they give you time for vows. It should also be a mutual agreement to take an oath..

Oath Ways

You can just swear an oath, you can sing a song, or you can come up with a flash mob. Having convinced girlfriends (friends) in advance, having learned lines from the oath with them, accidentally stop during the pronunciation and pretend that you forgot. Have your friends take turns swearing your oath. You can also take an oath to the registry office employee to read and ask everyone: do you swear to do everything you wrote.

Pronouncing the oath

Theatrical weddings have come into fashion, and so you can play a performance. A strong one breaks in during the ceremony «the robber», who steals the bride and wants her to not swear an oath, but the bride, like a true princess, shouts an oath, and the groom also tries to pronounce her quickly so that «the robber» couldn't steal her.

Children can swear an oath for you, or you can write an oath on candy wrappers. And expanding each candy, eat it and pronounce the words, then your oath will be very funny, because phrases of the oaths of the bride and groom can be mixed in a basket of chocolates.

Reminder of love

Go ahead to prepare your wedding vow. Decide how to tell her and consult with the host, what is the best way to act. Remember that the text of the oath can be framed and hanged, and then you will definitely not forget your promises.