Engagement ring

If you want to make an offer, you have already chosen a suitable ring, but there is a problem with the size. There are several ways to find out the size of the engagement ring. We hope our few tips will help you, and the moment of the proposal will be truly exciting and unforgettable..

So let's get started:

  • All you need is the right moment and a little savvy. In order to find out the exact size of the engagement ring that the girl wears, it is necessary to abduct him. Find the nearest jewelry store or workshop, take the ring. There you will be able to determine its exact size. All that remains is not to forget the size of the ring when buying a engagement. And, of course, to return to her beloved her old ring, so that she would not notice.
  • If the first option seemed rather risky to you, then use the simpler option, take the same ring, paper and pen. Circle the ring on its inside. You can also use a sheet of paper curled into a tube for the same purpose. Pass it through the ring, make sure that the paper fits snugly against the edges of the metal, and fix the paper. According to the contour that you received as a result, the jeweler will be able to determine the size of the engagement ring.
  • There is also another spy option. If you are in good relations with friends, a lover or sister (brother), and you can safely entrust your secret to them. Then ask them to find out “by the way,” what size ring does the girl wear.
  • If you were unable to get the size of the engagement ring by the means of the first three options, the fourth remains - fitting. While your bride is busy with business or is passionate about something, take her ring, put it on your finger so that the ring fits snugly, and mark the place with a pen, if possible, try to remember. Going to a wedding store to buy a ring, you have two options: either the jeweler will take the measurement from your finger, or you can try on the selected ring on your own finger.