Ways to make an offer


Nowadays, the ceremony of matchmaking has become much easier. More recently, asking for the bride’s hands was accepted from her parents, and even all her relatives took part in the discussion of marriage options. And there were also such ways to make an offer that the representative of modern civilization would seem unusual and amazing..


For example, in the tribes of Australian Aborigines, the ways to make an offer are unpretentious, but only a man who has reached a certain level of affluence and social status could marry a young, full-bodied girl. Since the number of the tribe was small, they strictly watched so that the bride and groom would not be close relatives to each other. She went to marry this man not the second, and sometimes not the third wife.

In some tribes, in the same Australia, the future son-in-law had to give part of the booty to the bride's father after the wedding.

Those lovers who walked for their love, contrary to customs, awaited cruel punishment - death.


But among the Polynesians, the laws are much milder, and the ways to make an offer are more romantic. The proposal itself is made by the young man during the dance, at the festival. After the lovers agree, they inform their parents. If parents do not support the choice of son or daughter, the young can run away. Unlike Australians, relatives of lovers are more accommodating. After a couple of weeks, they send the girl a white mat, as a sign of reconciliation.


Native Americans had their own ways to make an offer. The discussion process took a very long time. Representatives of the two clans paid each other an endless number of visits with gifts, with stories about the courage and achievements of the groom, and about the economic skills of the bride. Quite a lot of time passed before the future relatives shook hands and agreed on a wedding. Wedding is an important matter, but there is no need to rush in important matters ...

There are so many ways to make an offer. Each nation has its own special tradition. What unites them is that everyone always took very seriously the decision to tie the knot with their chosen one or chosen one, it was far from an ordinary event.