How to talk about love?


Love is subtle matter. In this article I want to talk about the language of love, the language of our feelings.

Paradoxically, sometimes the two closest people who sincerely love each other cannot find a common point of view on any, even the simplest, issue. Usually, it’s not a pity to admit this, this situation fully manifests itself after the wedding. Why can not we agree with the most beloved person in the world?

This happens because we are all different people and are used to talking about our feelings and feelings in different ways. How to talk about love, to be understood and shared by the warmth of your feelings?

Method 1. Tell me about love ...

It is very important for some people to constantly hear from you that they love and value them. If your partner belongs to this type of people, then for him words are important as air. Even if you surround him with maximum care and attention, but at the same time you will not say warm and gentle words to him about your feelings for him, he will consider you cold and unkind.

Such people belong to the auditory, that is, sound-oriented, type of perception of reality. Words addressed to them should be as diverse and subtly reflecting all the nuances of your feeling. Many times a day, they have a desire to hear about your love. Therefore, such a benefit of civilization as a mobile phone, for them a real salvation.

How to talk about love to an audio type partner? You can tell about love for him with the help of beautiful and affectionate words coming from the depths of your soul. They rejoice, literally, to every word spoken by a loved one. If you want to tell about your love in a letter or on a postcard, then in no case give your chosen one a postcard with "warm words" printed in a printing house with thousands of copies. It can offend and hurt even the strongest feelings..

What can offend your beloved:

  • He will be offended if you decide not to talk to him (for example, as a punishment).
  • He will be offended if the gentle words that you say to him are easily spoken by you to another person..

Method 2. Give loved ones gifts!

If you think that people love and value gifts only for their monetary value, then you are very mistaken. A gift received from a loved one is expensive in itself, it is a manifestation of feelings and a confirmation of the value of mutual feelings.

There are people who care about the very act of receiving a gift. Gifts for them should be original and touching. How to talk about love to such a person? Give him a spontaneous gift designed just for him! An important point: you must personally give a gift to him personally.

What can offend such a person:

  • He will be offended if, instead of an interesting, original gift intended personally for him, you just give him an envelope with money with the desire to choose a gift according to his desire.
  • It will hurt him if he finds out that you just gave him a gift intended for another person.

Method 3. Touch

Some people are touch-oriented, so a simple shake can be of particular importance to them. Gestures like this can be regarded by them as a desire to establish contact, show location.

For touch-oriented people, touch can be more important than sex. You may ask how to tell such a person about love? It is very simple: try in any situations (whether you are in public or in private) to touch your beloved so that he can feel your love and tenderness. Hug him, press your shoulder or just pat on the head - these gestures are simple and tactful, but they can tell a lot.
What can hurt a touch-oriented person:

  • He will be very offended if you step back when he comes up to hug you.
  • You can inflict pain by distributing touches to the right and left to other people, pretending that these gestures have no special value for you.

Method 4. Help and participation

People who consider the truth of the statement that love is help and participation may not be clear about your feelings if you just give them gifts or try to spend as much time as possible together. But if you visit them during their illness or offer their help around the house, they will firmly know that your feelings for them are serious, and you are the most reliable and sweet person in the world.

The answer to the question how to tell about love to a person oriented to help and participation is simple: try to be near at a difficult moment, offer your help, accept the help that will be offered to you in response. And your partner will have no doubt that you really love him and appreciate that he plays an important role in your life.

What can offend your partner:

  • Undoubtedly, your statement that he helped you little will offend him..
  • The request will cause great pain, do not go to you with an offer of help.

Method 5. Be close to your beloved

People of such a plan "grow together" with each other with all the fibers of the soul. Legends about two halves of the soul are composed about them. Often such "halves" are the wives of scientists and writers. They always follow their husband, help him in his work, try to be near in any situation, remember all the memorable dates and meetings, protect their loved ones from negativity.

How to talk about love to your "soulmate"? Of course, the person whom you love so much that you can’t spend a minute without him, and he knows perfectly well about your feelings and appreciates them. But, if you try to take an active part in his life (for example, help in business or share his hobbies), and in grief and joy will be with him, you will go through life hand in hand with your loved one - this is the best way will tell him about your love. “The main thing together!” Is your couple’s motto.

What can upset and offend your soulmate:

  • It will hurt if in one company you pay attention to other people and forget about it.
  • Offends and annoys if you prefer to talk with him for one lesson, for example, a computer game or talking with a girlfriend on the phone.