Beloved man and the inextinguishable fire of love


Men are the most precious thing we have. Sometimes it is not easy with them, but life without them is equivalent to hellish torment. No matter how many tears, we did not cry because of them, no matter how many shortcomings we found in them, they will always be the very best for us. But if women are distinguished by their characteristic emotionality and in most cases say what they think, then men keep their feelings to themselves. You can never predict what thoughts are in their head. Perhaps their dull mood is due to fatigue, and perhaps some kind of resentment against you. What needs to be done so that your beloved man does not stop loving you even after many years of marriage? What actions need to be taken so that there is no end to the limit of his gratitude and tenderness to you?

To get started, save your beloved man from the need to be jealous of you. Let him know that he is the one and only. But there is one snag: what efforts to make? How many men, so many opinions. For one, a fleeting glance and a casual smile are enough, and for another, a month will not be enough to understand what's what. So do not despair if, after the first evening, he does not begin to bombard you with bouquets of roses. The main thing in this business is patience and patience again..

There are a lot of books, articles and even encyclopedias ("Pickup Encyclopedia") with tips on how to properly care for women, what words they should say, what gifts to give. Everything is painted step by step and thoroughly. But about how to care for your beloved man, not a word has been spoken. What are the methods of tacking men known today?

Declaration of love.

"I love you". Only some three words can change his attitude towards you. Repeat these simple words as often as possible to your beloved man, and you will notice obvious changes in his behavior. Many men put a lot of sense into such a simple phrase, because it testifies to the authenticity of your feelings. Women love compliments. What about men? Did anyone say they don't love them? Even the coolest macho will not be able to resist a compliment and will melt before your eyes. What can we say about a beloved man, for whom a compliment is, first of all, self-confidence and that he is truly loved.

As much care as possible.

His beloved man will be in seventh heaven if you get up at least once in the morning before him in order to bring him breakfast and a cup of black coffee in bed. Do not be lazy and cook something new and tasty for dinner. Remember the popular wisdom: "Love for a man lies through his stomach." A hot bath with aromatic oils will contribute to the complete relaxation of his strong body. Perhaps the beloved man is really overworked at work and, as a result of this, he has no time or desire for you. And this will only bring the wedding for the girl closer.


Please recall, when was the last time you did massage to your beloved man, gently sorted his hair, stroked his shoulders. And how long have you gently grabbed his hand while walking or kissed him on the cheek? These things are so elementary that at first you do them without thinking, and then they completely fly out of your head. Give your beloved man a drop of tenderness, because it is not at all difficult.

Unusual sex.

What to do if your beloved man does not have enough ordinary sex and wants to torture, "golden rain" or wants to attract your beloved pet into the process of sexual intercourse? I can definitely say one thing, do not go on about his desires. However, if something extraordinary comes to your mind, then the cards are in your hands. Act! Surprise! Do not let your beloved man be bored!

Money can not buy happiness.

Try not to beg your beloved man for a new coat or T-shirt from Couture. Understand that he does not print money; he earns them with excessive labor. It is very important for a man to realize that you value him not only for his fat wallet. Better support your beloved man in difficult times and do not let him doubt your faith in him.

Love and be loved!