What do men want?


According to social surveys, women more than anything else want their loved ones to be more romantic. I wonder if you know how your man wants to see you. In fact, men want a lot from their sex partners, and not just one, as the saying goes: "all men need only one thing from women".

Show initiative and enthusiasm

Do you remember the last time you took the initiative in making love? Do you think that it really doesn’t matter who first started? And no! Your initiative will demonstrate to the partner that you want it and your attraction is great. After all, if a man always starts, then he might quite naturally have a question: does my beloved want me, or have her feelings for me cooled off long ago?

If you want to emphasize your sexuality and attraction to a loved one with the help of bright lipstick or an unbuttoned button on a blouse, then you will fail. Our men expect from us active actions, a clear demonstration of their desire to make love.

By the way, sometimes we sacrifice our sexuality for the sake of routine affairs.

Quite often, we refuse our man, saying as an excuse that we have no time (we need to cook, wash, clean, raise children). And the Sami don’t notice how spontaneous sex, joy, tenderness and trust on the part of the spouse disappear from our lives. But spontaneity is the very enthusiasm that shows your beloved that when he is with you, you forget about everything in the world. Believe me, your beloved is worth it, so that for the sake of communicating with him you postponed any of your important affairs, and dreams of spontaneous sex with your wife.

Make Love a Variety

In many ways, we are victims of our habits and stereotypes. If something works out well for a certain period of time, then we are ready to repeat it again and again, forgetting that even the most pleasant moments can fill your teeth with their constancy and predictability.

That is why our lovemaking over time turns into a kind of established ritual: kiss here, pat here, rub it now. And thereby lose all our attractiveness.

Get rid of the routine in your sex life! Experiment, change time and place, relationship style and game scenarios. Make some effort, desire and sense of humor, and you will be rewarded with bright and passionate sex.

Yes, everyone has their favorite sexual positions, but think for yourself, if for so many centuries the Kama Sutra has been a huge success, does anyone need this? Men love variety. Try to change positions every time you make love. Have sex in a new place. Change the style of love relationships: from romantic to aggressive, from gentle to passionate with elements of the game. Destroy your family stereotypes, free your imagination, realize your wildest dreams and frank desires! Invite your spouse to play an interesting game: let each of you take turns bringing something new to making love (it can be candles and aromatic oils, music or a video, sexy underwear or a new position). Compete, it will increase your sexual desire, and therefore your satisfaction about sex.

Trust your partner and be honest with him

It is only in sentimental novels and films that men and women guess each other's slightest desire. Therefore, in life people often use such a standard that they determine how good their partner is by the way he guesses their sexual desires. And even married couples with experience do not always succeed in openly talking about sexual desires. But the more often and frankly you discuss text topics with each other, the closer and more confident your communication will be..

This is amazing, but precisely because of the forced silence (accepted, I must say in the world of men), many men feel very lonely and misunderstood. They are taught from childhood that sharing their feelings with people close to them is humiliating. And being locked in themselves, men often refuse to discuss sex at all, since in such conversations they feel vulnerable and less courageous. This, by the way, testifies in many respects to their infantilism and children's belief in miracles..

Try to gently and unobtrusively call a man for a frank conversation about sex. Understand that he is experiencing real discomfort at the same time, so you must help him overcome uncertainty and fear, and help him to feel comfortable talking to you. He will need your openness, trust and positive reaction. If he can feel that there is a person in the world who understands him and takes his problems to heart, he will open up and be honest with you.

Give your loved ones maximum attention

As it often happens, that we barely met a person, we pay a lot of attention to him and devote a lot of time to communicating with him. However, several years pass and we transfer to the first place completely different things: work, hobbies, chatting with friends, raising children. It would seem that your relationship with a partner has reached stability. But in reality, it seems to you more and more that you are misunderstood, that your words are not heard and they are not appreciated at all. More and more tired of the routine of everyday affairs, you pay less attention to sex and communication with your spouse, and he begins to think that you have forgotten about him, that communication with him is no longer interesting and tiring for you. Conflicts arise.

And it would seem so simple, to pay your husband a little more attention, not to be afraid to postpone other things in order to spend an extra minute with him, to try so that everyday life does not become your regular guest in sexual relations with a loved one.

Look at yourself from:

  • you stopped buying yourself beautiful sexy lingerie and replaced it with practical warm pajamas,
  • you do not paint your lips anymore when you are waiting for your husband from work,
  • you stopped considering rivals beautiful young girls meeting you when you walk along the street with your husband,
  • you now don’t go anywhere with your husband in the evenings.

If all of the above is true for your relationship with your spouse, then you have ceased to consider them something special and thus something expensive.

Try to remember the time when your knees trembled at the thought of an imminent meeting with your loved one. Remember these minutes, remember that you really love your husband. And give him a little more attention, talk with him, discuss the day spent together, make love with him, and your life will become brighter emotional.

Be courageous

Do you think that you can have sex only in a conjugal bed? You are wrong and deprive yourself of vivid and unique sensations. Unusual surroundings (for example, an elevator, your husband’s office, staircase) can greatly excite your spouse and add a special piquancy to your relationship.

Therefore, a drop of healthy adventurism is welcome in every woman. Do not be afraid to step over the moral prohibitions that have formed during your life, go for it and experiment.

For many couples, sex in a public place becomes a real discovery..

This sex gives a special piquancy to the danger of being caught in place.

Try to play sexual fantasies with your husband: share with whom, when, where and in what way you would like to have sex. You can also come up with a plot of an erotic film. Any of your fantasies will bring newness to your relationship..

Only one rule applies here - the mutual desire of partners. Therefore, it is still worth starting carefully to understand exactly how your loved one will react to what is happening and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, do not forget about your sense of humor during experiments.