Your most ideal husband

We bring to your attention a test developed by American and Canadian sexologists. Thanks to him, you can determine how much your beloved can be an ideal husband..

So, according to experts, the most worthy and in the future ideal husband is considered to be the man who should score at least 100 positive and not more than 45 negative points in the test.

Proceed: +40 - The prelude to sex is more important to him than sexual intercourse;

+thirty - Able to diversify intimate life;

+25 - brazovan, occupies a high social position;

+25 - Loves children;

+twenty - I agree to have children no earlier than 2-3 years after the wedding;

+twenty - Does not drink;

+fifteen - Raised, considerate and modest in communication;

+10 - I do not smoke;

+10 - His relatives are ready to provide material support;

+10 - The owner of the house (fix the leaking faucet, tighten the dropped handle);

+5 - Good looks;

-10 - Divorced, there are children from their first marriage;

-fifteen - Your education is above him;

-fifteen - A hobby to which he devotes more time than you;

-fifteen - Poor physical condition;

-fifteen - Big difference in age (over 13 years);

-thirty - Very jealous;

-thirty - Inclined to "go left";

-40 - Sexually illiterate;

-45 - Dark past (e.g. prison, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.)