The secrets of kisses: learn your partner


It often happens that two people have been interested and sympathetic to each other for a rather long time, but the first kiss convinces them that there is absolutely no place for passion in the relationship between them.

A kiss is a form of communication that is an expression of affection, love, respect, affection. But the secret of kisses is that with their help you can catch the most subtle feelings and emotions, which are sometimes very difficult to convey in words. This can be shyness, passionate passion, respect, recognition.

This secret of kisses has been known for a long time. Therefore, women during the first kiss conduct an express test of their relationship with a man.

A kiss can carry a wide variety of signals. Here are some secrets to kisses:

  • a kiss reports on the state of sexuality through odors based on pheromones,
  • if the lips are tightly pressed during the kiss, this indicates a lack of desire to continue playing,
  • if the lips are open and I let it go inside, then this may express the urge "act more boldly",
  • the partner is tense, and his tongue moves towards it - this is a signal of obvious desire,
  • the tongue is soft, elusive - the partner prefers a slow love game.

By revealing the secrets of kisses, you can learn more about the man and his feelings for you. By the manner of kisses, four categories of men are conditionally distinguished.


His kisses are tense, a little nervous. Lips are tight during the kiss. The kiss is very exciting. But the activity of such a man has a somewhat hysterical connotation. Relations with him are like extravaganza: bright, all-consuming, fast. The secret of kisses with such a man is that he quickly lights up with feelings, but also quickly loses interest in the object. Therefore, if you are aimed at a long relationship with him, you should constantly warm up his interest in you and be more tolerant of his flirting on the side. Such a man will suit a balanced, self-confident woman who is ready to take the initiative. If you are just like that, then this man is yours!


His kisses are tough, rhythmic and monotonous. Such a man acts imperiously and decisively. The secret of kisses is that with such a man you will be like behind a stone wall. He is reliable, rational, married life with him is measured and stable. But you should not expect crazy romantic fantasies from him. Bear in mind that such a man is stubborn enough to achieve his goals. It will suit you if you strive for quiet family joys, and from a partner you need support and reliability.


His kisses are cautious, sometimes even excessively wet. The lips are narrowed. The secret of his kisses is tenderness, care, affection. With such a partner you need to be tactful and carefully treat his feelings. Your support is important to him and be ready to direct and support him. The main thing is that he will follow you to the end of the world, and relations with him will be romantic and endlessly tender. But if you prefer confident partners, then such a man is not for you.


His kisses are varied. The secret of kisses is that they meet your feelings as much as possible and adapt to your attitude. Kisses with such a man can be affectionate and persistent, tender and passionate. If your man is just like that, then you're in luck. Most likely, it will be he who will dominate your relationship, but mutual understanding is the key word that can describe your relationship. And remember, you always have to defend the title of ideal woman while you are next to this man. But maybe it's worth it?