What can the eyes say?

Eyes are mirrors of the soul. If outwardly a person doesn’t show his emotions and feelings, his gaze can tell you a lot.

Of course, you can also learn about feelings for you from a conversation. But it’s not always so easy to ask about the feelings a guy has for you. Try to determine how he feels from his gaze. Eyes cannot lie, they are a connecting link between a person’s soul and the outside world surrounding him.

So, what can the gaze of a young man tell?

The guy looks right in your eyes. If so, then congratulations. You enjoy his trust. He either considers you a very good friend, or is so in love with you that he is not going to hide his feelings. Perhaps this look can be difficult to maintain for a long time, and you feel it very sharply. But this is how love is manifested at first sight.

Guy looks laughing. His eyes come to life when he suddenly sees you? Do you see smiles and shine in your eyes? He sincerely loves you and is very glad to see you.

Look down. Lowered eyes testify to considerable embarrassment. The guy is not self-confident. This is precisely the view that occurs in guys suffering from unrequited love. But maybe it's love for you?

Look up. When talking with you, does he try to look up? He is confused by the topic of your conversation. If you do not want to aggravate the situation, then it is better to just change the subject. You will see, he will be grateful to you!

Casual look. He betrays his indecision. The guy noticed you, but there is still no certainty in his feelings. Maybe you should take the initiative yourself.

A look from below. He is interested and ponders his plans. But be careful. Not always the plans of a young man may coincide with your own.

Looking to the side, unwillingness to meet your eyes. Does he carefully look away? Caution: he is either deceiving you or he is ashamed of any misconduct.

Gets you looking? A look from the bottom up gives that he values ​​himself most of all, he considers all others to be unworthy of his person. Do you need such a guy? Decide yourself!

By the way, if a guy is squinting at you, then maybe you offended him with something. So look or offended people, or those who are very angry with the rest.