Create a family? Is he ready?

Living together, as well as the stamp in the passport, today scares, alas, not only men, but also women. Why? First of all, for the simple reason that with someone will have to share your own, personal space. The current tendency to marry at a fairly mature age has both its pros and cons, and over time it can be difficult to decide to create your own family. But what if you listen to yourself. Understand the feelings. You may already be ready for marriage?

So, the first sign of readiness is that the partner needs you and no one else. He tolerates your shortcomings, he appreciates every moment spent with you. Well, you can develop the thought further.

A joint conversation about plans for the future, drawing in the imagination of all the necessary trifles - a place of residence, home improvement, the accumulation of money, a joint vacation. It will also say a lot about how your partner (or partner) is ready (ready) to take on obligations for a joint future.

Another clear and more than convincing sign of a willingness to start a family is conversation about children

. If a woman or a man says or hints that she would like to have a child from you, or simply brings the conversation from time to time to this topic, be sure that he already imagined a picture on the subject: "Create a family! His!"

And such conversations are reasons to test your dreams (perhaps still timid), to find out the attitude and reaction of the second half. True, one should not be surprised if questions and topics are raised, as it were, by the way, as it were, about. So your adequate reaction - just keep up the conversation will help you get to know your partner’s position. And appreciate those moments. For many, the very topic of discussion of future marriage (even as if by the way) is a serious test for their own personality and inner world. So cherish such moments.

From conversations to business. If your young man begins to help you financially, it is possible that this is an occasion to reflect on the topic: create a family. Let's say it helps you rent a house, choose some household items, pay utility bills - all this suggests that your other half is ready to contribute to the joint budget.

Another sign is talking about the wedding. Yesterday, your beloved man was afraid of this topic, like fire, and today he is calmly discussing how he would like to celebrate the most solemn day in his life: how and where to spend it, whom to invite, where to spend a honeymoon - a clear reason to think about serious relationship.

Your friend has already become a part of your family - is he happy to spend time with his family, willingly take part in family celebrations and trips? A sure sign that he is ready to start a family.

Attentiveness to you - taking care of clothes, jewelry, knowing your tastes and preferences - is a clear sign that your relationship can take a serious long-term nature, and your half will choose a good gold wedding ring.

In general, all of the above suggests that your friend (or girlfriend) is ready for a serious relationship, ready to start a family. And take it calmly when you are told that they cannot live without you, that it’s bad without you when they call and send you SMS several times a day. It means, man is ready to part with a bachelor life, that they need home wash and comfort, someone's daily care and attention. It’s not worth building illusions, just as you should not rush things. Be patient and you will realize that your half is ready for such a crucial step as creating a family. His.