Are you ready to get married?

Let's look at when marriage will be most effective..

So, only one case of a long relationship of four ends with a wedding celebration. In the remaining three relations are broken, and people at the same time then do not find the strength to simply congratulate the former partner on a happy new year or birthday. It is very important to be able not to overexpose the relationship, but to make an important decision in time.

Marriage can be done when you see your lover, almost every day, sometimes more than several times a day, when you feel that you can’t live without each other. If you constantly call or send many SMS to each other when you are not nearby, as well as jealousy begins to reach maximum heights and only suspicious persons appear everywhere, then this is also a good time for a proposal to register a relationship. Also, such moments include the stability of sexual relations (when you learned to understand each other without words) and when everyone around you knows that you are one, and you can soon expect to create a family.

Getting married can be a timely decision in those cases when, while spending the night with your chosen one, you do not tell your parents that you stayed with a girlfriend / friend or went to a night disco with the company. Also, the decision to get married will be correct if you are not sorry to spend your own money on each other, as this indicates your mutual readiness for a common family budget. If you easily carry out the orders of a loved one, and you devote more time to his sisters and brothers than to your relatives, you can also easily realize marriage.

Also, quite important criteria by which you can judge your readiness to marry are considered to be the experience of joint recreation and, consequently, civil marriage.

. Do not miss the time when you should decide on marriage. If more than half of the above signs can be attributed to your couple, then there is nothing more to expect - make an offer to your beloved or beloved and happiness to you in your new life! You can also read about the organization of the wedding.