Congratulations to your husband on your wedding anniversary


As a rule, congratulations to the husband on the wedding anniversary are usually presented in the form of a traditional toast. But our life is already full of monotonous everyday life and everyday problems, so our wedding site provides you with the opportunity to prepare such a congratulation to your husband on his anniversary, which he will remember for a long time.

1 year - chintz wedding

Calico fabric can protect you from the scorching sun on hot summer days, and on your cold winter evenings you will evoke memories of summer with its colorful and carefree coloring. Unfortunately, chintz is a thin and light fabric, and it will not be able to protect against cold and dampness, but it can lift the mood and give a piece of happiness. Let the chintz, as a symbol of our first anniversary, protect our love from quarrels and minor troubles and help make our family life joyful and happy!

2 years - paper wedding

Paper - the material is not durable, it can easily be torn or burned. But what if not paper carries tender words, kind letters, beautiful verses. You can draw on it, you can create with it. So let the paper help us in creating our family happiness over the next long years..

3 years - leather wedding

My beloved, dear and the best. We connected our tracks three years ago. I still remember this day, because it laid the foundation for our happy family life, filled with joy and tenderness. So let's continue to maintain our love, which will inspire us and give strength in any, even the most difficult situations.

4 years - linen wedding

Linen fabric was used in ancient Egypt, its strength and lightness have been known since ancient times. So is our family, still very young, but let it be strong in front of life's troubles and keep our happiness and love for a long time.

5 years - a wooden wedding

Not so long ago, just five years ago, our family was born. Just as a beautiful tree grows from a small seed, so our love has grown and strengthened all these years. The tree of our family is still very young, but it will not break down from the wind, it will be able to survive even winter inclement weather. And most importantly - it already brings the first fruits - these are our children. What is five years for a tree? What are these years for our family? This is just the beginning! The beginning of a beautiful and bright life. And let our family, like a young tree, growing, become stronger and brings more and more fruits.

6 years - cast-iron wedding

Cast iron is heavy, and life with you is easy and carefree! Thank you, dear, my dear, that for six years in a row we have been building our joint future together, brick by brick building the solid walls of our building called "family". So let all the following days, minutes and seconds be filled with tenderness, happiness and joy.

7 years - copper (woolen) wedding

Let it warm and create coziness in our family, a symbol of this holiday - wool. As a warm woolen blanket keeps warm in any weather, so let our love keep the happiness of the family for many, many years. And no matter what storms rage outside the window, the warmth of our relationship will always warm us.

10 years - tin wedding

Today we celebrate ten years of living together, filled with joy and happiness. I cherish you, my love will forever live in my heart. You are the best husband with whom I am not afraid of any troubles, because I know that together we will overcome any obstacles to our happiness and the happiness of our children!

14 years old - agate wedding

So our marriage turned 14 years old, it’s just right for our family to get a passport. How many were there during this time. Our family grew up, studied, grew. Youth is behind. So after all, now everything begins! And may our love, as before, illuminate our path to happiness!

15 years - crystal wedding

As the world sparkles in the facets of crystal, how in the reflections and overflows everything around is fantastically transformed. That's how our family, having come a short way to this anniversary, let it illuminate everything with a bright magic light. So our love, regardless of years, will be as before transparent and pure. And let the blows of fate give rise only to a gentle melodic ringing.

20 years - porcelain wedding

We have lived together for 20 years - this is not a short time. All this time, every day, every minute, we learned to listen and understand each other. Step by step, brick by brick, we built our relationship. And now they can be compared with china. Although it is fragile enough, we are ready to prove that if you treat it carefully, it will last a long time. Ahead of us is a long way to a golden wedding, and I have no doubt that we will overcome it without much effort, because the hardest is already behind us. Congratulations to you my beloved husband!

35 years old - coral wedding

Our family is an example of a warm, lasting and happy marriage. For many years you and I raised wonderful children, and today, grandchildren. I hope that there are still many interesting moments ahead of us! Now it is our time to live for ourselves, to please our souls and enjoy each other's company. I love you and I will always, as before, support in difficult situations!

50 years - golden wedding

Gold is a precious material. The master spends a lot of time to check the quality of the material and remove all unnecessary impurities from it. So it is with our couple. For many years we have built our happiness step by step, equipped our home, and today we have a wonderful family! Let's raise our glasses so that our children and grandchildren take an example from us and create equally strong families.!

Having made a romantic congratulation to your husband on your wedding anniversary, you will make your family relationship even more lasting and touching!