Is it possible to bewitch a man !?


Enchant a man in the 21st century - it would seem absolute nonsense, but as in any fairy tale there is a bit of truth, so in any faith - the power to make invented things real.

How to bewitch a man with an apple - a very old rite that came to us from the settlement of modern lands by the Slavs.
We cut the apple in half and in the middle we put a piece of paper, not on which the name of the beloved is written. Then we connect these two halves with a rope and put in the sun. As the apple dries in the sun, so your chosen one will think more about you.

Enchant the groom

These customs of divination for love came to us after the baptism of the Slavs..

With the advent of the month - to enter the field and dancing to sing - "The month of the young circle of husbands in front of me, as I spin in front of you".

During the Feast of the Intercession, come to church. After you cross the threshold - say to yourself: "Blessed Mother of the Virgin, as you wrap the earth in snow, you will give me the bridegroom as well".

Also, in order to bewitch a man, a girl in a long dress in winter gathers snow in the hem. Then he scatters it with the words: “I’m sowing snow across the field, the field, where my bridegroom is a howling dog, give my husband a field-pole, and give the dog a voice”.

Enchant the matchmakers

The first bridegroom to come in the rite of matchmaking - no matter which one - suitable or not - is washed by the socks of his boots. To bewitch men, with this water the girl washes her face, hands and says: "Dozens of suitors will come along this trail." Or, with the same sentence, cover up the traces of the first "groom".

Predict the future on needles

We take two needles, dip them into a glass of water, rubbing them first with lard. We look further:

  • two needles drown - not good
  • came together - to soon marriage
  • parted and stood against each other - someone is obstructing the wedding
  • parted on completely different sides - walk unmarried all my life.

Do not deprive your family of attention - how to bewitch a man for his sister:

during the wedding, if the bride wants her sister to marry rather, she needs to pull on the tablecloth that covers the table.

Becoming the leader in the house: To be the main over other women in the groom’s house, the bride needs to do the following: after the wedding, having entered the house, say: “As there are no people more important to me than my beloved, so there are no people more important than me in the house”
Well, we were able to bewitch the man, but how to keep him at home?

After the wedding, in the house of the spouse on the threshold put a castle. They close it, and throw the key into the lake. It is done in order to maintain happiness and harmony in the house forever..

And finally, a little advice to the young:
During the exchange of rings - the one who wears the ring to the bottom - he will take up in the house after.