Mysterious fortune-telling fortunetelling


A love affair and fortune-telling may seem superstitions to someone, but for many centuries girls have been using them to find their sweet, narrow-minded, mummers. The most favorable dates for divination are the days of religious holidays such as Christmas and Epiphany. At night on the eve of such a day, a girl can see in her dream her betrothed, mummers, or find out about her fiance with the help of fortune-telling.

Fortune telling the groom

The simplest kind of fortune-telling for the future groom, which does not require additional preparations, is fortune-telling with the help of notes. For this fortune-telling, the girl should write the names of the guys on pieces of paper and put these pieces under the pillow. In the morning, immediately after waking up, the girl should get the first piece of paper and read the name. This is her narrowed, mumbled. According to the second version of this fortune-telling, she should see her future groom in a dream.

Fortune telling about the wedding

For this fortune-telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. Before divination, guess the name of your loved one. Remove all sixes from the deck, shuffle and take out the red king and the lady. Then put the king down the deck and the lady up. Turn the lady upside down and put it on the table, and next to it, open the next card from the deck. Open the entire deck by deleting the following card combinations:

  • remove any card or two cards if they fall between cards of the same suit or of the same value
  • remove the middle of three cards of the same suit or dignity if they hit in a row.

Thus, you will lay out the entire deck, and if after this calculation you have only
king and lady then get ready for the wedding. Hidden by you is your narrowed, mumbled.

Mysterious fortune-telling on the groom

To fortune-tell in this way, you need to go to the crossroads at midnight. Having made a name for your betrothed, mummer, draw a circle. Then you need to stand in a circled circle and well
to listen. Hear the overflow of a loud bell, laughter or cheerful singing - leave soon
married to the made-up groom. Hear a bitter cry or a sad song - think in your
life needs to change something.

Fortune telling on a narrowed, dressed in a dream

With the help of this fortune-telling, in a dream you can see your future bridegroom.

There are several ways to do this..

Method 1. For this fortune-telling, you will need a bowl of water and small pieces of water (or sticks). Place a bowl under the bed, and arrange the arches so that they form a bridge across the water. Going to bed, say: "Narrowed, disguised, take me across the bridge".

Method 2. For this method, before going to bed, you need to eat more salty. Then, going to bed, say: "Narrowed, disguised, give me a drink".

Method 3. Put a comb under the pillow for the night and say: “Narrowed, mumbled, comb my hair”.

Method 4. Put four kings taken from a deck of cards under your pillow at night and say: “Narrowed, mumbled, dream me today”.

Fortune telling

Guessing a few girls. You will need a few onions. They need to be marked somehow (for each onion a girl). Then the bulbs are planted in the ground, which first one will rise, that girl will marry others ahead.

Fortune telling on the shell of a walnut

Guessing a few girls. You will need a walnut shell, wax candles and a bowl (basin) of water. Candles are put in the shell of nuts and put these "boats" in a basin with water. Then each girl lights a candle on her boat. Whose boat will drown first, that girl will never marry. And in whose shell the candle burns out first, that girl will get married the fastest.