Let us hope for the chosen one and his love


Among the Slavs, at first, numerous sorcerers, sorcerers, viritniks, and healers guessed for love. Then ordinary girls - peasant women - also engaged in fortune-telling on dark and impenetrable nights, under the dim light of a candle. And the noble nobles, noblemen, who asked for advice from the authoritative sorcerers of that time.

And in spite of its long history, there are still many rites of fortune-telling for love that have come down to us practically unchanged.

The face of a loved one in the ring

We take an ordinary glass. Clean, without patterns and decorations. Pour water into it up to half. Then we take a wedding ring. Dip it in a glass and look at the center of the ring. In this divination for love you can see the face of your chosen one.

Listening to spirits

On a clear night under the open sky and full moon, go to the door of the church or chapel. Listening to the creak of the old building, church singing and the whistle of the wind, you can hear a quiet whisper of spirits that tells who will soon die and who will marry.

A shoe that indicates which side your beloved man will come from.

Girls who are engaged in fortune telling go out into the street and throw a shoe in front of them with their left legs. In which direction the toe of the shoe will point - from there the beloved will come. If the shoe points back, then this year the narrowed one will not appear.

Guessing the mirror

The mirror was considered a kind of window to another world. Having a sufficiently strong will, you can call out a picture of the future from the mirror world and even change it. However, if you get confused and lose focus, you can also cause an evil spirit that will only ruin everything. Therefore, this divination by love is considered very scary.
The girl should be alone in a locked room. At 12 a.m. she sat in front of two mirrors. There are lighted candles on the sides of the mirrors. Mirrors themselves should be reflected in each other. Gathering all my will, the girl should focus on the space between the two mirrors. Over time, there may appear an image of a narrowed.

Guessing the cock

A few grains are poured onto it. At midnight they take a black rooster and watch how it will peck grain:

  • pecking all the grains - this year will be a great success, and the one who was engaged in fortune telling about love very soon will be the bride at the wedding


  • several grains are pecked - by the number of grains they find out which girl will marry (2 grains - the second will come out)
  • didn’t peck grain - unfortunately this year's bad luck

We ask the name of the narrowed

In this divination for love, girls will find out the name of their chosen one. It is necessary to go out and ask women to give a man's name. The most frequently repeated name is usually the name of the future husband.