Different ways of divination for a wedding


Fortune telling.

Take a deck of 36 cards. Make a wish and shuffle the cards carefully. Then lay the cards face down on the table five piles. Open the card in your hands and put it on the table. This is a basemap..

Now open the first pile and remove from it all cards of a different suit than the base card, and cards of the base suit are under ten. As soon as you get to the base card over ten in this pile, put the pile aside.

Do the same with the rest of the stacks..

Now put the stacks together, laying them on top of each other in order.

You again got one stack. Your further task is to decompose it into four piles without shuffling. In the process of folding, continue to delete unnecessary cards. Let me remind you that you need to delete all cards of a different suit than the base card, and cards of the base suit are under ten before the first base card that comes across over ten.

Then you repeat the layout into three piles and, finally, into two piles. If in the end you have only five cards of the same suit left on your hands as the base card, then the desire will come true with one hundred percent probability. If this is fortunetelling at a wedding, then your wedding will take place soon.

If you have extra cards left, then it will hinder the fulfillment of your desire. Here we look at the dignity of the remaining card or cards:

  • six is ​​the road
  • seven - meeting
  • figure eight - conversation
  • nine - lack of your interest
  • ten - adverse life circumstances
  • jack - chores
  • lady is another woman
  • king stranger
  • ace - any duty, work.

French wedding fortune telling.

For divination at a wedding, you can use this divination, which came to us from France.

You will need a deck of 36 cards. Take it and remove all sixes. Then the deck must be carefully shuffled and divided into five piles of six cards. Put them shirts up. Two cards that remain in your hands must be put on top of the first and fifth piles.

Now open the first pile on the left and remove from it all the cards to the first king or queen, then put the stack aside. Do the same with the other piles. Then collect all the stacks in one.

Fold your cards into five piles again. Remember that you cannot shuffle cards! Remove excess cards as described above. If there are only ladies and kings in the remaining deck, lay the cards face down and look carefully. If a king and a lady of the same suit lie nearby, then your fortune-telling for the wedding was successful. Your marriage will be happy.

Russian fortunetelling at a wedding.

You can do this fortune-telling if you are interested in the question of whether you marry a particular man.

For this fortune-telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. Before divination, guess the name of your loved one. Remove all sixes from the deck, shuffle and take out the red king and the lady. Then put the king down the deck and the lady up. Turn the lady upside down and put it on the table, and next to it, open the next card from the deck. Open the entire deck by deleting the following card combinations:

  • remove any card or two cards if they fall between cards of the same suit or of the same value
  • remove the middle of three cards of the same suit or dignity if they hit in a row.

Thus, you will lay out the entire deck, and if after this calculation you have only the king and the lady left on the table, then get ready for the wedding.

Fortune telling a wedding.

Take a deck of thirty-six cards, make your wish and shuffle it. Then put the fifteen top cards face down on the table and select from them all the aces that come across. Mix the remaining cards with the deck and shuffle again.

Reposition fifteen cards face down, take out the aces and shuffle. All aces after the third calculation should be selected. If so, your wedding divination has come true.

This fortune-telling has a second option..

In the second option, all sixes are first removed from the deck of 36 cards. Then the cards are shuffled, and a wish is made. The following is the layout of the cards as in the first method, but 13 cards face down. The laying of cards continues as many times as necessary to extract all the aces from the deck. And then comes their interpretation, depending on the suit of the ace:

  • if the ace of worms was discovered first, the wish will come true,
  • if the ace is a tambourine - divination for the wedding will come true, but with some difficulties,
  • if an ace is a club - a wish can come true if a fortuneteller overcomes many obstacles,
  • ace of spades - your wish is impossible.

Fortune telling at the Pyramid wedding.

It will take a deck of thirty-six cards. Remove all sixes from it. Remove any six cards in random order and place them face down on the table. Make your wish and any card from the remaining ones, and then lay the cards face down in a pyramid (in the top row horizontally 1 card, in the second 2 cards, in the third three cards, etc.). There should be 6 cards at the base of the pyramid. So, we look at the interpretation:

  • the map you made lies in the top row of the pyramid - your wish will not come true.
  • in the second row - it is unlikely that the desire will come true.
  • in the third row - the wish you made is likely to come true.
  • in the fourth row - there is a high probability that the desire will come true.
  • in the fifth - the probability of fulfilling your desire increases.
  • in the sixth, desire will certainly come true. The answer to the yes.

If it happened that the hidden map is not in the pyramid, then lay out the remaining cards with the words: "Wait, be patient, rejoice, be strong, be angry, wave your hand." The word that you pronounce on the hidden map will be the answer to the hidden.

Fortune telling with a deck of 52 cards.

Take a deck of fifty-two cards. Before you guess, identify your “portrait” by the deck. If a girl guesses, her “portrait” will be a tambourine lady, if a woman is a red lady. If the fortune-telling is carried out by a young man, then his "portrait" will be the king of diamonds, and if the man is an adult or widowed - the red king.

So, the "portrait" is defined. Now you have to shuffle the cards very carefully, select twenty cards and see if your "portrait" is among them.

If the "portrait" is among the selected cards, then divination for the wedding can be considered successful. You will get married soon.

If the “portrait” was not found among the twenty selected cards, then there will be no wedding this year, but fortune-telling can be continued further..

Put any card from twenty counted back into the deck, select your "portrait" from the deck, mix it with the cards you use (20 cards) and shuffle thoroughly. Then lay out the cards in the form of the letter "T" (in the upper horizontal row there are three cards, starting with the left hand; then two more cards vertically under the middle card). Lay out the remaining cards in the first five in the same way. So you have to lay out all twenty cards.

After this layout, open all the piles and look for the "portrait":

  • if the "portrait" is in the first pile, then an ambulance awaits you,
  • if in the second - it’s better not to count on marriage this year,
  • in the third - your wedding will not be soon,
  • in the fourth - you will never marry,
  • fifth, you will have an intimate relationship with a partner, but without marriage.