Wedding jokes about the bride and groom

- Marry me.
- Good, - the girl answers.
And silence comes. Finally, the girl does not stand up:
- Why don't you say anything more dear?
- I already said too much, - the guy says.

- You asked my dad for permission to marry us.?
- Yes. I called him on the phone and he answered me: "I don’t know who is saying this, but I don’t mind".

The little girl attended a wedding for the first time. After the official part, she asks her mother:
- Mommy, why is the bride in all white?
- Baby, white color symbolizes happiness. Today the bride has the happiest day in her life.
- Why the groom in black?

The bride asks the groom: - Do you drink? - No. - Do you smoke? - No. - Do you play cards? - No. “So you have no flaws?” - One is - I like to lie.

The groom calls the younger brother of his bride:
- You get a dime if you bring me a lock of your sister’s hair.
- Come on a quarter - I'll bring you the whole wig.

Jealous bride asks her fiance:
- Honey you really...
- Yes! Yes, I love you.
- You read my mind directly. You probably love me very much.
- And where are the thoughts? ! You’re just the fourth today who asks me about it!
- Darling after the wedding, I will share with you all the sorrows and worries.
- But I have no sorrows and worries.
- Well I say: after the wedding.