Jokes about grooms

- That you won't marry?
- I won’t find a bride. All mothers don't like.
- And you find a mother like.
- Found, so father scandal rolled.

- Accept my sincere congratulations, my boy, - said the father of the groom, - I am sure that today will remain in your memory as the happiest day in your life.
- But the wedding is tomorrow, ”said the groom.
- I know, father replied....

- Why are you so sad?
- Tomorrow will marry my bride.
- How, for whom?
- For me...

- Vasya, stop torturing yourself. If invited to a wedding - you have to go!
Otherwise, people may be offended...
After all, you're ... the groom!
The groom, getting ready for his own wedding, was late for the train. Then he ran to the post office and gave such a telegram: "My train left a train; do not get married until I arrive a truck".

"Dear Tom! Be sure to come tomorrow night. Dad is at home, but he is lying in bed due to severe damage to his leg. Do you understand? May".
"Dear May! I won’t be able to come tomorrow night. I am also in bed, and the place that your dad hurt his leg hurts terribly. Got it? Tom".

- Well, how do you feel in the role of a newlywed?
- Nightmare! Do not drink, do not smoke, swear too!
- Yes longing!
- And she forbade me to yearn!