Jokes about the bride

- I beg you, daughter, do not marry this man!
- But mommy, I won't be for long...

On the eve of the wedding: "Daughter, well, don’t you marry Vasya! Well, look at him - stooped, lame, wearing glasses ...". "And I, mama, are handsome and not needed." "Yes, I'm not talking about.
The poor guy got it from life .. "
A new wedding ceremony has appeared recently in Russia. Now instead of the bride at the wedding, they steal the mother-in-law. The first experiment, conducted last week in the city of Gluzovo, was successful - my mother-in-law was never found.

- Darling, if you kiss me again, I will be your whole life!
- Oh thanks for the warning! ..
- I have a bride for you. From a good family...
- What does she look like?
- Beauty! Just beautiful!
- Rich?
- They give her a huge dowry.
- So she has no flaws?
- There is one small one: she is a little pregnant.

The old maid surprised everyone with a message that she was getting married.
- But you always claimed that men are stupid and that you will never marry.
- Yes, but that was before a man was found who wanted to marry me.

The bride escorts guests after the wedding feast:
- Kind people! Maybe that was not so, so you will forgive. I am getting married for the first time. Next time will be better.