Jokes about mother-in-law

The mother-in-law had 3 son-in-law. She decided to check how they feel about her. I waited until 1 went around the yard and flopped into the well: drowning, they say! Well, 1 pulled it out 😉 ... The next morning he wakes up: under the window, "Zhigul" is standing. And on the glass is a note: "Beloved son-in-law from the mother-in-law".
With 2, the same story, only the mother-in-law gave him “Moskvich” ... I decided to check 3 - he screams in the well, and 3 thinks: “Horseradish, I won’t get it out! Anyway, I won’t get more“ Constipation ”... Well, nafig! "Wakes up in the morning: under the Volga window with a note" To my beloved son-in-law from a grateful father-in-law! "...

There is a man from the mother-in-law’s funeral.
He approaches the porch, and then the brick is on top, he just managed to bounce.
Well, a man raises his head and so gently: "Mom, are you already there?"
The mother-in-law declares to the son-in-law: “I don’t know anything, do what you want, but I want to be buried in Red Square!” The son-in-law says: “Why did you mother-in-law survive from the mind?” And she again: “I don’t know anything, I want to be buried at Red Square". The brother-in-law leaves somewhere, returns after a couple of hours and says his mother-in-law: "I don’t know anything, do what you want, but your funeral on Red Square in two hours!"
Two men are sitting, one says to the other:
- Look at your mother-in-law a lion attacked.
And second:
- Itself attacked, high itself and gets out

The men gathered and began to discuss how someone killed his mother-in-law:
- He went to Moscow - the first one says - he hired an expensive killer and he flunked her.
- Second - And I went to Africa from the Indians bought different herbs and poisoned.
- A third says - And I went to the pharmacy bought a lot of pills, came home, cooked one big pill and put it on the table, my mother-in-law comes up looking "Oh, what a big pill" And I’m behind it with an ax, "on mother-in-law, get it"
One man says to another:
- And yesterday I plucked my mother-in-law mushrooms...
- What if poisonous?
- What does it mean suddenly?

The man got to hell. Companions in misfortune ask him:
- You, man, like, under what article?
- Yes, that was the case. At the mother-in-law's funeral, he had so much fun that he broke two button accordions.
- Well, and what is so special? Who doesn’t happen...
- Yes, everything would be fine, but only my witch is now in your HR department!