Jokes about the mother-in-law

The daughter-in-law is struggling to please the mother-in-law - she will do this and that, but the mother-in-law does not like anything. from all the nose turns and snorts. An already exhausted daughter-in-law asks the mother-in-law:
- Mum! Well, how to make you like it?
- Well, I don’t even know how, but I know that it’s not like that anyway.

- And you know how to cook borsch, dear daughter-in-law?
- I am able to:
- And what is needed to make it tasty? Well now!
- Good mother in law and a hungry husband.

The mother-in-law reports to the daughter-in-law:
- You don’t know how to revenge, you don’t cook dinner well, you drink my son, what kind of woman are you? Here I am in your years...
- You are in my years, mother, - the woman answers, they buried her third husband.

Two girls are talking-
- I have a golden husband, golden children, and I remelted the golden mother-in-law and now I have a golden watch, a ring and a bracelet. 🙂

The mother-in-law addresses the daughter-in-law:
- What did you spread the mud? In the pan so black, barely laundered?
- It? Yes so ... Teflon coating

Two mother-in-law meet, one another says:
- My daughter-in-law is pregnant again
- And my cat is pregnant too
- Well, it’s easier for you, you can even drown kittens!

I gave my mother-in-law to my daughter-in-law 2 blouses, my daughter-in-law ran into the room, dressed one of them, went out and sat down at the table. Mother-in-law through clenched teeth: "so, so you did not like the second?"