We select the bachelor party scenario

Any groom wants to spend his last bachelor evening in different ways. Scenarios of a bachelor party are many. Which one do you choose?

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind is striptease. If you still want to see IT and not compromise yourself, go to a strip club. There are all conditions created for contemplation of the show and a pleasant pastime. Choosing this option, do not spend a bachelor party on the eve of the wedding. Surely, in the morning you will regret it and you will feel bad and look crumpled. At a minimum, three days must pass so that you can rest and gain strength. After all, you have to carry the bride in her arms and not disappoint her on the wedding night.

Sauna or bath has also become a traditional venue for stag parties. The bachelor party scenario in the sauna or bathhouse may also include striptease, and everything else that is done in the bathhouse (steam room and beer, what do you think?). You can invite girls you know to entertain you or order a professional erotic massage in an atmosphere of twilight with candles and quiet music.

Fans of hunting and fishing can go to nature. If the summer and the nights are warm on the street, you can plan a trip for several days. Stock up on everything you need for a “right” vacation..

Without going anywhere, you can develop a bachelor party scenario and spend it at home. Mom and close relatives will help you prepare a treat for friends. A bachelor party is usually trained by a witness, but taking into account your wishes. Try to hold it so that in the morning there is a strong desire to quickly get married and end this reckless life!