What should and may be a bachelor party


In order for the bachelor party to be a success, several things must coincide at once: firstly, a warm company of friends (as a rule, this will not be the case), secondly, an interesting, informative program, and thirdly, a pleasant atmosphere. Although if the first two elements are present, then the last one is not long in coming. But in order to say goodbye to a single life really memorable, you still need to choose a good idea for a place for a bachelor party. And here a lot depends on both financial opportunities and the preferences of the organizers.

Bachelor party in a restaurant / cafe / bar

This idea of ​​organizing a bachelor party does not require a lot of imagination from you. All that is needed is to choose one of the many institutions of this kind, having previously taken care of the table, menu and, of course, the cultural program. The main thing is to pay money, and the rest will be done by professionals for you. As a variety, a karaoke bar will do. It will turn out fun and with meaning: after all, just by singing love songs, our ancestors finally decided whether their chosen partner suits their husbands (or wives).

Bachelor party at home

A more problematic, but also more economical option, which will require you to show your organizational skills in all its glory. Consider in advance who is responsible for cooking and delivery of alcohol, and who is responsible for the cultural program..

However, there is always a real danger that the bachelor party will turn into an ordinary feast or - even worse - into a booze. To avoid this, you can arrange a bachelor party carnival, at which everyone will have to appear in any costumes (excluding Adam's costume), and then what the imagination tells you.

But in any case, the apartment will almost certainly remain a mess, and in the body - the same obvious signs of a hangover. Needless to say, this is not the best combination on the eve of the wedding celebration. Plus, you always need to remember neighbors who also sometimes want to sleep, but are not at all eager to join your fun festival.

Bachelor party in the sauna / bath

Immediately disappoint you: this idea of ​​holding a bachelor party is by no means new. This tradition is rooted in pagan times: according to the then custom, the bride and groom went to the bathhouse to exchange there - guess what - no, of course, not with rings, but with bath accessories. Fortunately, the baths have not disappeared yet and are still quite suitable as a venue for stag parties..

Bachelor party in nature

A meeting with nature mother almost always means having a good time, but as a good idea for holding a bachelor party, it is more likely to be taken in the warm season (unless, of course, you are a fan of thrills like frost, snow and snowstorm). There’s probably not much to tell about how to draw up a program: in this matter it is better to rely on your own experience or, in the worst case, the experience of friends.

Sports bachelor party

Remember: you are a man, and all kinds of competitions are characteristic of men. So why not arrange to say goodbye to a bachelor life somewhere in a paintball club, on a race track or in a stadium, playing football. Considering a similar idea of ​​holding a bachelor party, it is important to remember that not everyone invited can like it.

To summarize, one thing can be said: in fact, it is not so important where you spend the bachelor party. The main thing is that you and your guests remember it in the good sense of the word. But it’s even more important that you have to rack your brains over the idea of ​​a place for a bachelor party for the first and last time in your life!