Some interesting ideas for holding a bachelor party


Camping - fishing.

If summer is in the yard, and you are a lover of fresh air and enchanting sounds of nature, away from the stuffy city! A few days on the river bank with a fishing rod and best friends will leave the most pleasant memories. In the evening - a bonfire, songs with a guitar, a fish not in bars or an ear. In a word, no civilization, only you with friends and nature.

Snow fun.

If the wedding is scheduled for the winter. Prepare warming drinks or all the components for mulled wine at home and go outside. Build a snow fortress, and preferably two, start a battle with snowballs, arrange contests with small prizes, and then go home, bask for a cup of coffee or mulled wine. This idea of ​​holding a bachelor party is not expensive.

Ice rink party.

Who didn’t like going to the rink in childhood. Refresh your memories, plunge into childhood. Party with a visit to the rink will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Latin rhythms.

In the middle of winter, moving into summer is quite real. It is only necessary to organize an evening in the Latin style. Indispensable attributes of such a bachelor party will be: Latin fiery music, cocktails mixed in a shaker with lots of ice. Straws, decorations - umbrellas, as many fresh exotic fruits as possible. It remains only to appropriately decorate the room and put on white pants. The main idea of ​​holding a bachelor party - Rio de Janeiro - in your apartment!

A nightmare on your street.

Enter the street name yourself. For lovers of thrills, such a party is suitable. Comfortably sitting on the couch in complete darkness to watch horror movies. Consciousness overwhelmed by alcohol will tell you how to scare each other harder. You can arrange a competition for the most terrible story, followed by the presentation of prizes.

These are just a few ideas for holding a bachelor party, but maybe they will prompt you to the original idea of ​​creating your own party script.