Bachelor party or stag party

The organization of the bachelor party before the wedding is a tradition that has come to us from the west. More recently, when your dads got married, holding this event was not accepted. Now there are many salons that will offer you ready-made scenarios for stag parties. It is customary to celebrate the end of your bachelor life cheerfully; any company offering such services will help you with this. And the scale of the party will depend entirely on your desire and scenario choice..

Firms offering the development of an original scenario set themselves the task of describing the advantages of family life in colors, and strengthen the desire to marry, rather than conduct a “wake” for bachelor’s freedom.

When organizing a bachelor party, every last detail is taken into account, actors and the director of the whole action are invited. A huge number of options. The bachelor party can be held as a party at which guests will be offered, in addition to treats, a show program. At the request of the customer, a special program is developed in which guests can be involved: they tell jokes, participate in contests, games and story scenes. Most often, when organizing a bachelor party, a facilitator is invited, who will attract guests to active actions. He must have sufficient experience, be able to entertain the public and respond to unusual situations. As a rule, at such parties everyone feels quite free anyway, but there can always be a “serious man” who is hard to make fool around with..

So to summarize.

What do stag party companies do? At your request, we provide the services of a lighting engineer and sound engineer, thus turning a production show into a real performance on a professional level. Renting a banquet hall for an evening, a menu, decorating a holiday, dance groups and traditional striptease at the end for the most persistent is not a complete list of the company's capabilities. If you have a favorite place (club, sauna) in which you and your friends are used to while away, you can rent it all night and order services according to your desire and understanding of the organization of the bachelor party.

Here is an example of one of the most common scenarios offered by firms. The plot of the production is built in this way: dancers, actresses appear before the groom in various life situations. The usual family scenes are cleaning the apartment, taking a walk with the child, cooking, and washing. The surprise is that one of the actresses is the future wife of the groom. Professional participants in the production turn the plot so that the bride in the image of a wife appears in the most advantageous light than others, and the groom, of course, chooses her. Then the secret is revealed. Surprise!

This production is supposedly aimed at preparing the groom for all the difficulties of family life and appreciating all the charm of a bachelor. In fact, involuntarily choosing his bride, he is convinced of the correctness of his decision.

Of course, everyone conducts a bachelor party in accordance with their passions and hobbies. The closest friend is a witness who, most often, organizes a bachelor party, must take into account the tastes of the hero of the occasion. After all, who, if not he, is aware of the interests of the groom and therefore it is up to him to prepare a party full of pleasant surprises. It must be understood that the stag party is not an ordinary ordinary revel, but an event that should remain in the memory of the future husband for many years.