Holiday stag party in other countries



In America, as in other countries, stag party is widespread. But now this is no longer just a visit to the bar with friends. More and more often, Americans go to another city or even a country in order to say goodbye to a single life. Amsterdam is very popular, for well-known reasons. Bachelorette parties are usually held more calmly - a traditional party in the circle of girlfriends. Since recent times, Americans are also striving to arrange something like that to keep up with men.


The first thing that comes to mind when you say "stag party" is, of course, the abundance of alcohol and striptease. These are the primitive ideas about this holiday. But in fact, is it not better to replace the amount of strong alcoholic drinks with high-quality alcohol and enjoy the taste sensations. If you are going to have fun all night, then you should not lean on a drink, otherwise the party can end very quickly, and you will not be able to appreciate the entertainment that was specially prepared for you. Whatever happens, pick up good spirits and meat snacks to them, and the evening program can be interesting without a standard striptease. Now a proposal to organize a stag party is included in the services of many agencies. Entertainment programs and party scenarios are very diverse, everyone can choose something to their taste.


One of the few countries where the wedding tradition of parting with a single life is formal. Without much enthusiasm, the Germans spend a bachelor party, paying tribute to the prevailing custom.


An attractive venue for British stag parties is Prague. The British like this city - a museum, in addition, low airfare prices contribute to the daily influx of English tourists celebrating a bachelor party. The fame of Czech beer and the low cost of visiting bars or strip clubs encourages the British to opt for Prague. In their homeland, all the bars are closed at 11 p.m., but here you can have fun almost until the morning.


Tallinn has its own unique look: cobblestone squares, winding narrow streets. Well, what a paradise for foreigners. Pleasantly surprised by the prices of traditional, for a bachelor party, entertainment and alcohol. Among the offers of the cultural program are sea walks along the coast, unique architecture. In Tallinn, there is an abundance of various cafes and bars, with a very high culture of service and behavior. Usually, Estonians themselves spend stag parties in this city. Another notable feature is the large number of blondes.


Riga is a city where bachelor parties from European countries come to celebrate a bachelor party. The entertainment industry in Riga was built at these events and, therefore, having the appearance of a quiet, cozy, beautiful city, it is known as the place where the cheapest booze and the most affordable women.


The inhabitants of Iceland are leisurely and calm at first glance. But such an event as the stag party is always carried out violently and unrestrained, which you will never think when you look at them.


The bachelor party for the French is another reason to enjoy wine and cheese, and they know a lot about it. The amount of wine is as great as the amount of toast and fun. Every second toast is pronounced for the health of the bride and her relatives. Slumber parties cannot be compared, they are not so popular.