How to spend a bachelor party without sad consequences

Want to famously buzz on your bachelor day holiday? Well, you have every right. Now the girls go through with no less scope. And to you, God himself commanded to realize what was intended. But, it is necessary to take into account several rules that will tell you how to spend a bachelor party with the least losses, both moral and physical.

  • The place where you are going to wrap up should be as far as possible from the place of residence of relatives. We advise you to gently "secret" the address at which the party will take place, especially from the bride. Female curiosity knows no bounds. You do not want a scandal? Then yourself, be prepared for the fact that you don’t learn anything about the bachelorette party..
  • When planning how to spend a bachelor party, immediately delete from the list of invited persons of the male side of the bride.
  • A symbolic, full of meaning, a gift to the bride before the upcoming stag party, can dull the ripening deep down feeling of jealousy and thoughts like: “I have to see this!” Assign a present to a reliable person, if you yourself have no time, beat the situation somehow beautifully.
  • It is necessary to control the time allotted for the celebration of the outgoing single life. If you yourself are not able to stop rampant walks, then entrust this to the most serious and responsible comrade. Let him think about how to spend a bachelor party on a planned one day, if the company "requires a continuation of the banquet." Such an "unauthorized" spree is able to spoil the main holiday - a wedding.
  • Recently it has become a wedding tradition to invite striptease dancers to a bachelor party. But still, do not forget that there should be a clear boundary where erotica ends ... You are getting married for love, so why betray this bright feeling?
  • Enough time is needed to restore strength after a bachelor party. Spend fasting days, do not drink more alcohol, even beer. These days it is better to take care of yourself: go to the hairdresser, visit the beauty salon. On your wedding day, you will need a lot of energy, and you should look perfect.
  • The most important rule! Never, never, do not give in to any persuasion and do not get behind the wheel drunk (or not very, as many believe), even if the head of the traffic police is your relative. Do not spoil the holiday for yourself and your family if you do not want to think about other, strangers people. And then, to the question: “Well, how did you spend the bachelor party?” - You can honestly answer: “Great!”