Wedding manicure jacket for nails of different lengths with modeling, rhinestones or a pattern, a master class with a photo


Beautiful and well-groomed hands of the bride are an indispensable element of her ideal image. The attention of all guests and the groom when exchanging rings at a wedding ceremony will be drawn to the fingers of the bride and groom, so they must be impeccable. Many brides do French manicure for the wedding, which experts call abbreviated «french». What varieties of it are suitable for marriage?

French manicure rules

Natural and delicate French manicure is perfect for a romantic and clean image of a newlywed. To use the jacket, light varnish colors are used: pink, peach, light purple, pale red, coral, cream, cream. For a solemn day, it is quite appropriate to decorate the nails of the bride with bright jewelry in the form of rhinestones and stones. Such a design will look spectacular and bright..

This type of manicure is performed on square or oval rounded nails. Its distinctive feature is a white strip at the tip of a solid plate of a finger, it is often performed in the form of a semicircle («smiles») The rest of the nail plate is varnished in a neutral or pastel shade. There are several rules of French manicure:

  • Be sure to dry it well after applying varnish. The implementation of this elementary advice guarantees 90% success..
  • Never use as a stencil to obtain «smiles» scotch tape, because it will adversely affect the integrity of the applied layer of varnish.
  • You should not use hand cream before this procedure, because the varnish will go bad.
  • Use a special white pencil to paint the tip of the nail. This will positively affect the appearance of the hands..
  • Have a positive attitude and be sure that you will succeed.

Types of Wedding French

Initially, French manicures were made so that the look of the nails was close to natural. But over time, many kinds of jacket appeared, making the girl’s hands almost a work of art. Whatever technique you choose for a French manicure for a wedding, your hands will be unique and beautiful. If you decide to make a french wedding, then you have a wide choice of its types:

  • classical;
  • millennium;
  • color;
  • twist;
  • Hollywood
  • with a stylized design (modeling, application).

French manicure with modeling

A beautiful and original jacket can be made using sculpting. Volumetric details on the fingers of the bride and groom look elegant and delicate. There are many options for sculpting, but often brides want to see acrylic flowers on their hands. If you have a themed wedding, then a beautiful three-dimensional image on the nails can overlap with the style of the celebration. The molding is made of acrylic dust.

Petals that match the color and shape with the flowers in the girl’s bouquet look spectacularly on the bride’s hands or in harmony with the decor of the bride’s dress. Volumetric flowers can adorn all the fingers of a girl or only the nameless one. In the latter case, it will strengthen the solemnity of the moment at the wedding ceremony during the exchange of rings. An engagement ring will look spectacular and beautiful on a finger with a flower sculpting.

Wedding french with molding for the bride

Adorned with stones or rhinestones

The french jacket with decor with rhinestones or precious stones looks festive and bright. Nails with overflows of shining elements will perfectly combine with similar decorations on the corset or bride’s hairstyle. Shiny pebbles can decorate the border between the end of the white stripe and the primary color. Rhinestones scattered over most of the nail plate look beautiful. Pebbles can only be decorated with a ring finger. Such a jacket with rhinestones in the hands of a bride and groom will look gentle and romantic.

Wedding French manicure using rhinestones

Wedding jacket with a pattern

An original print manicure is beautiful, fashionable and stylish. Art painting on nails gives the bride a special wedding touch. Bright or pastel colored flowers are often chosen by the bride and groom to decorate the jacket. It looks original and fashionable with lace patterns that will perfectly combine with a wedding outfit with guipure elements. This will make the image of the bride and groom sophisticated and romantic..

French with a pattern for marriage

French millennium

Glitter French manicure is perfect for a wedding celebration. French millennium looks fashionable and bright, made with any micropowder. The entire surface of the tip of the nail can be decorated with shining elements, the cuticle area or glitter can be located on the color transition line. It will be interesting to look at the additional decor of the ring finger in the form of a brilliant picture of a butterfly or flower. Such a detail will add tenderness and romance to the image of the bride..

French millennium for the bride

Wedding French Twist

For creative brides, a twist-French will be an excellent choice of wedding manicure. His execution technique involves staining «smiles» several colors. Additional jewelry in the form of rhinestones or other decor will make your hands beautiful and emphasize the special importance of the event. The rich shades that can be used in the performance of French manicure should be in harmony with other elements of the image of the bride.

Wedding manicure twist

How to make a wedding jacket - technique

You can make a wedding jacket at home. To do this, you need to purchase materials, tools and master the technique of its implementation. It is advisable to hold a rehearsal of the chosen type of French manicure before the wedding day. To make your own nails in this style, purchase on your own: base and fixative, soft pink and white varnish, round and drop-shaped rhinestones, varnish decorator with sparkles, and then follow the instructions:

  • Apply base coat and let it dry completely.
  • Apply pink polish.
  • Paint the white wedge on the tip of the nail. After drying, repeat the drawing..
  • Make a sparkle line that repeats the edges of the white tip of the nail.
  • Garnish with rhinestones a solid plate of your finger in the center of the upper white part.
  • After apply fixative.
  • What to do a newlywed with short nails so that they look beautiful and spectacular at the wedding? One way out is French manicure. To give it a more solemn appearance, use rhinestones to decorate the jacket. The neat, natural shape of the short nails will be beautifully accentuated by white «a smile» at their tip. It looks cute and gentle. Is it possible to make a beautiful wedding French manicure with a pattern at home? This is real.

    Photo of a wedding manicure french 2015

    If you are not sure that you can independently make yourself a french jacket for a wedding, then it is better to contact a specialist in the salon for help. The stylist will recommend which type of wedding manicure is more suitable for you. You can see the options for nails made in the French style in the selection of photos below. Of these many options, the bride will definitely choose the option that suits her..

    French for the bride